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Managed services: Free your staff to focus on your business

Your enterprise technology systems can have a tremendous impact on your business performance. However, managing these critical and complex systems can be challenging and an impediment to achieving your strategic goals.

AKA’s Managed Services for Microsoft Azure Cloud provide deployment, support and operational delivery of Microsoft Azure-hosted compute, storage and network cloud infrastructure components. We monitor and manage system software and infrastructure configurations to unlock the full benefits of Microsoft Azure.

The maximum benefits, managed by experts

By providing insight into your service consumption and true service availability, we can help you align costs more closely with your organization’s needs. Services scale up and down to continually meet your changing business needs, while ensuring that IT costs always align to business demand.

Proper design and architecture is critical to successfully engaging Microsoft Azure. Our service will accelerate your time to value while minimizing risks to your organization.

AKA’s Managed Services protects your business from many of the challenges related to building and supporting your enterprise systems. We provide documented, organized managed services to clients who need anywhere, anytime access to critical data – but do not want to be responsible for continuously monitoring and optimizing system, infrastructure, or vendor performance.

With Managed Services from AKA, you can focus on your business goals by:

  • Freeing up IT resource requirements and allocations – reducing costs.
  • Proactively monitoring systems and vendors – mitigating risk.
  • Rapidly resolving system and performance issues – minimizing downtime.
  • Streamlining business processes and workflows – improving efficency and effectiveness.
  • Providing more intelligent reporting capabilities – improving decision making.
  • Optimizing the entire IT environment – improving performance.


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