Is your IT staff being utilized
in the right places?
Is your IT staff being utilized in the right places? Mr. John Smith
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Managed services: Free your staff to focus on your business

Is your IT staff being utilized in the right places? Your enterprise technology systems can have a tremendous impact on your business performance. But managing these critical, complex systems can be challenging and even become an impediment to achieving your strategic goals. AKA’s Managed Services can take the worry of managing IT off your plate and put it into the hands of seasoned experts. With Managed Services, you can focus on your business.

​Managed Services with full coverage…and flexibility

AKA’s Managed Services include everything your organization needs to have complete peace of mind:

  • Monthly subscription with quarterly reviews and tuning​
  • Proactive and ongoing support services​
  • Optional application administration and enhanced system administration​
  • Predictability and stability
  • Optional add-on hours for additional tasks​
  • Flexible contracts that provide coverage geared to your organization’s size and requirements
  • Continuing support for the first year of operations ​
  • Options for platform upgrades and patch management support​
  • Additional options to ensure other consulting or development support needs are addressed
  • Support around application and cloud services management​

Expert support, maximum benefits

With Managed Services from AKA, the benefits go far beyond a help desk:

  • Freeing up IT resource requirements and allocations – reducing costs
  • Proactively monitoring systems and vendors – mitigating risk
  • Rapidly resolving system and performance issues – minimizing downtime
  • Streamlining business processes and workflows – improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Providing more intelligent reporting capabilities – strengthening decision making
  • Optimizing the entire IT environment – improving performance

Our team provides the following services:

Managed Services Essentials

  • Dedicated functional and technical resources​
  • Ongoing support for Dynamics 365 (CRM & ERP):  if it stops working, we fix it and resolve issues as they arise​
  • Environment management
  • Management and ownership of all non-production environments (backup/restore across all environments)​
  • Patching of non-production environments​
  • Coordination of code promotion, hot fixes, etc. with Microsoft​
  • Installation of hotfixes​
  • Installation of platform updates
  • Preventive maintenance – rebuilding index, space, etc. ​
  • Configuration management/build management​
  • Analysis, guidance, and recommendations for application updates (major versions)​
  • User management:  Azure Active Directory related configurations and changes, onboarding of new users/retirement of former users, setting up and maintaining security roles as needed within Dynamics 365​
  • Interface maintenance/third-party integrations connectivity from Dynamics 365 ​
  • Customization maintenance

Basic Support Components

Break-fix support – Ensures issues arising from day to day operations or inability to complete tasks are resolved​, including software issues, bugs, and first-year support

Bug fix management – Bug resolution is covered by warranty with AKA; third-party and Microsoft IP, as well as management, interaction, and status updates will be undertaken by AKA​

Patch application – Once the bug is resolved, AKA will undertake the testing and application of the patch to resolve the bug​

Additional Support Options

Critical Patch Management – Dynamics 365 (CRM 2016) Application Updates, hotfixes, or roll-ups for On-Premise solutions can be applied by internal IT teams. However, AKA can provide these services based on the schedule that suits you​. NOTE: Implementation of critical patches are limited to updates that do not require full regression testing.  Cumulative Updates (CU) are not in scope under this agreement and will be addressed as a separate Statement of Work​.

Environment Maintenance – For Dynamics 365 only; AKA can assist in the backup or migration of non-live environments ​

Security Roles Management – AKA can assist in managing and setting up Security Roles as well as adding and deleting users ​

Additional Ad Hoc Services – Additional training, enhancements, or further refinement of solutions is not covered by the Basic set of Options; however, we offer the option to add a predetermined number of hours at a discounted Managed Service Rate to cover the above. These hours are paid for monthly rather than up front and can be consumed at any point throughout the year​.

Enhanced Support – After your initial implementation or upgrade, there is sometimes a period where there is a need for increased support as users are becoming accustomed to the application. To ensure user adoption and full satisfaction, we can provide Enhanced Support, including refresher training, answering questions, and addressing issues and requests should they arise.

Expertise in Cloud Managed Services

With the advancements in Cloud technology, it helps to have experts on your team. AKA’s Cloud Operations Managed Services takes the burden of Cloud IT management off your plate, so your staff can focus on your business. If it’s part of your infrastructure and on Azure, we have the expertise to handle it.

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