Can you keep your infrastructure
and still move into the Cloud?
Can you keep your infrastructure and still move into the Cloud? Mr. John Smith
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Ground to Cloud System Lift & Shift: Seamlessly move critical business solutions to Azure

Your organization has made the move to the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, or another business application. With that, you’re in the home stretch of migrating to the cloud. However, for a variety of reasons—budget constraints, timing, or lack of availability—you might still be depending on other systems that remain on premise. This could be causing performance issues with some of your solutions.

If you’re not ready to upgrade or replace these systems, or if you have business-critical applications that are not available in the Cloud, let us help—by moving them directly to Azure with AKA’s Ground to Cloud System Lift & Shift offering.

Take the next step: migrate on-premise solutions to the cloud

Moving to the Cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. We can migrate any Windows or Linux x86 system to Azure using a combination of AKA and Microsoft tools with little to no downtime. When these systems are hosted in Azure, you get:

  • The flexibility and breathing room to plan and execute your long-term Cloud strategy according to your needs, budget, and timeline
  • The ability to quickly and cost-effectively move key, on-premise solutions from failing or aging systems to the Cloud
  • More life out of older solutions that are no longer supported or have in-house expertise, giving you time to evaluate alternatives

We leverage automated techniques like Azure Site Recovery to target machines and replicate them into Azure in real time, limited only to bandwidth implications with connectivity to Azure. We then migrate DNS, IP addresses, domain connections, storage considerations, and more to adjust a traditional on-premise solution to Cloud concepts.

This offering is available independent of a Dynamics engagement or coupled with it, on a per-server cost basis (priced per unit). This makes it easy for you to understand and plan for the cost of moving to the Cloud and get a solid, dependable schedule for the move.

Tap into the power of the cloud…even with your on-premise solutions

With AKA’s System Lift & Shift offering, you can continue taking advantage of Azure’s transformative benefits:

  • Elastic compute – Computing resources can be scaled up or down based on need…pay only for what you use—and if you don’t need it, we simply turn it off!
  • Speed and agility – Getting a new application or environment up and running is fast and efficient
  • Security – You get the backing of Microsoft—along with their expertise and resources—to ensure the safety and security of your data

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Whatever you’re ready for, we have the people, experience and solutions to make it happen.

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