On-Demand Webcast: Power BI and Solver BI360 – Discover a Dynamic Duo 2018-10-29T16:48:10+00:00

On-Demand Webcast: Power BI and Solver BI360 – Discover a Dynamic Duo

Like many organizations, you may be looking for a replacement for your MR or FRx. Perhaps you wish Management Reporter could better fit your needs. Confused about the differences between FRx/MR and Power BI? We can help clear things up…and introduce you to a better alternative — BI360 and Power BI!

BI360 provides a complete Excel and web-based Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard and Collaboration solution with a preconfigured Data Warehouse that integrates to all of your data sources for a complete insight.

Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence application of choice. Released in July 2015, it has rapidly been updated to be easily competitive with a few of the more well-known names in BI, like Tableau, QlikView, MicroStrategy, and others. It’s a very powerful analysis and dashboard solution, and it comes with pre-built connectors to dozens of Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications.

Come learn how you can help your organization increase productivity, gain insight, and make more informed decisions by making the move to a next-generation, integrated business intelligence solution.

  • Learn key differences between BI360 and Power BI
  • See the top features of BI360
  • See the top  features of Power BI
  • See how well BI360 and Power BI complement each other

Interested in learning more? Watch the on-demand webcast now.

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About the Presenter
Michael Hammons, Director, Business Intelligence Practice
Mike is responsible for customer initiatives focused on creating intelligent, actionable dashboards, analytics, and reporting.
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