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On-Demand Webcast: Voice of the Customer

Microsoft Dynamics Deep Dive Series

A superior customer experience has become one of the leading differentiators in earning the business of today’s customer. Customer experience is about designing your processes for the purpose of meeting or exceeding customer expectations, thereby, increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Customers have the power to choose between competing companies. When you can provide a better, more positive customer experience the odds tips greatly in your favor. A recent study from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs found nearly 80% of U.S. consumers would pay more for a product or service to ensure a superior customer experience.

When it comes to designing your customer experience, getting valuable feedback from your customers is crucial to your success. Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) has a feature called Voice of the Customer, and it’s more than just a survey program.

Voice of the Customer is a Dynamics 365 feature that helps you capture feedback regarding your products and services. With Voice of the Customer, you can start with a NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey; or configure multiple question and branch-able surveys easily, distribute them to contacts, and capture the responses. Surveys work across devices including phone, tablet, and computer.

The survey analytics included with the Voice of the Customer help you take action from customer feedback by identifying gaps in service, running targeted marketing campaigns, or sending offers to increase sales.


  • Capture key sales and customer service metrics
  • Provide customer feedback visibility to team members
  • Trigger actions based on business rules, survey results, or part of business process flows
  • Report on survey data along with CRM data


  • Surveys include a variety of questions and formats
  • Automatically capture feedback for reporting purposes
  • Complete control of the look and feel to match your brand and color guidelines
  • Trigger action items automatically based on feedback or scores

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