On-Demand Webcast: New and Exciting Features in Dynamics 365 for Sales 2018-10-23T17:28:04+00:00

On-Demand Webcast: New and Exciting Features in Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series

Dynamics 365 is turning out to be the most exciting and business-critical application suite ever to be developed. Dynamics 365 promises to “turn business process into business advantage for organizations everywhere”. But what does that really mean? Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s first combined, cloud-based, ERP and CRM application suite. It’s also bringing new user experiences and productivity enhancements never seen before in customer facing applications. It’s a game changer.

New capabilities include:

  • Relationship Insights
  • Outlook enhancements
  • Editable Grids
  • Relevance Search
  • Mobile Improvements
  • App Modules
  • SiteMap Designer
  • Visual Process Designer
  • Learning Paths
  • Power BI
  • Azure Machine Learning/AML/Artificial Intelligence

In this Microsoft Dynamics 365 webcast, we introduce you with an overview of the app model, upgrade paths, pricing changes, and some of the more exciting new features. Watch it now!

To watch the recording in full screen mode, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the presentation after the video begins.

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About the Presenter
Michael Hammons, Director, Business Intelligence Practice
Mike is responsible for customer initiatives focused on creating intelligent, actionable dashboards, analytics, and reporting.
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