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Video Case Study: LifeWorks

How is a fearless advocate for youth and families improving the quality and consistency of their care?

Susan McDowell, Executive Director, Glenn Neeland, Board Member and IT Advisor, and Kyle Turk, IT Director at LifeWorks talk about how Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Cloud, and AKA Enterprise Solutions are helping this fearless advocate better serve more than 4,000 youth and families. 

LifeWorks recently made the decision to take things to the next level, from being a provider of services to being a true problem solver. With AKA Enterprise Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365, LifeWorks is making this transformation by implementing an evidence-based model across all programs to increase efficacy and efficiency—not by taking away time spent with clients, but by actually creating more time for case managers to work with them.

Watch to learn more about how LifeWorks is changing lives through technology with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Cloud, and AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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