Premier Clean Energy Organization
Reduces energy costs and paper and receives high ROI by eliminating licensing and consulting fees with Dynamics
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This premier clean energy organization is a publicly-funded agency dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects while creating high-quality jobs and long-term economic growth. It’s mission is to help clean energy companies grow, support municipal clean energy projects, and invest in residential and commercial renewable energy installations.


This organization needed a better, faster and more streamlined way to process, deliver, monitor, manage, and report on its operations. Being a quasi-public company, it falls under the Freedom of Information Act like other state-run agencies. They are often questioned by the public and are under a great deal of scrutiny because they tasked with distributing public money. The organization selected Dynamics 365 Sales & Service, which has resulted in a high return on investment from the system through managing their entire operations and sales business units instead of relying on a parent company with licensing and consulting fees. In addition, they have reduced energy costs by going with virtual systems and reducing paper by managing all their approvals in Dynamics.

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