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Demo Video: Trip Planning


AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Asset Management Video Series.

Let’s say your wholesaler’s planning a trip to Boston to visit a client who’s at risk, or perhaps a prospect who’s ready to close. It clearly makes sense to use that time to see other prospects and clients in the same area. But, with dozens or hundreds of people and organizations to choose from, how’s that decision made?

Ideally, reps will visit clients or prospects that present the best opportunities, but, being human, we might not choose so wisely. We often go with those we already know, or who we like. You know, it’s just human nature to want to meet with someone who’s more fun and maybe a little less challenging. With AI and machine learning helping make those decisions, we get much greater objectivity. By using data and facts, we get less subjectivity, and it helps guide reps to make the most of their trip to Boston.

It helps us focus on the shorter list of clients or prospects that have the most potential.

So, let’s see how AI and machine learning work with planning trips to see existing clients, prospects or advisors.

Very simple, click on my little mapping button here. And, since I’m going to this particular location, it’s gonna show that information on my map, so right away, this little icon will represent the location that I’m going to.

So, let’s use that as our starting point. Now, I want to see what other clients are nearby, based upon their ranking, so, I’m gonna say within a 15-mile radius, I want to see those customers that are active, and I want to base that off of their account rate, so it’ll give me highest to lowest account ratings within that radius.

So, we’re gonna go ahead and search, and now it’s processing and looking through that data and information, and, again, AI has provided the detail and data behind these ratings so that I know which one of these have the higher propensity to close more business.

And so we can see we’ve got a number of those records here. If I want to hover over those, we can see, it’ll tell me more details about those, and I can certainly click on these, and it’ll take me to the details of those. But let’s just go ahead, and I’m gonna add a few of these to a route. So, as I click on these, we’re going to just go ahead and pick some at random here, because these are all the best opportunities, so at this point, you know, I then have the ability to use my own knowledge to go ahead and choose those ones that make sense from a visitation perspective.

So now I’ve selected the ones that I think that I can visit all on that day, and now, it’s going to optimize that data and optimize that route, even including access to local construction and routing conditions, or traffic conditions. So, you can see here, this is where it’s plotted, even though I didn’t pick these in this order, this is the best order that it feels that it’s gonna make to make sure I hit all of those clients.

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