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Demo Video: Pipeline and RFP Management


AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Asset Management Video Series.

In our experience, wholesalers and account managers typically worked only within the retailer wholesale space. More recently, we’ve seen the lines blur between those areas and the institutional private spaces. Reps will often work on institutional sales engagements when working with private clients, which means working through third party consultants, and that often means RFPs. With dozens or possibly hundreds of RFPs coming in, each requiring different levels of information and levels of effort, you can’t really respond to them all. So how do you decide which ones to focus on? Account manager wholesalers are able to do it, but it’s time consuming and because they can’t process the vast amounts of information and data that help to make these decisions, often they’re not choosing the opportunities with the most potential for return.

This is where AI and machine learning come into play. In this AI driven dashboard, you’ll see that it’s actually taking a look at my opportunities and my RFPs, combining that with approved strategies, consultant ratings, key accounts, even branches and other of those RFP and third parties that I might be working with. And you’ll see that it’s summarizing the number of opportunities, the number of RFPs, our current close ratio, whether those are trending up and down, and even our likely AUM based upon what it sees in this data set. We can also allow the rep to do some of their own filtering. So I can say by vehicle, and kind of flipping, you’ll see as I’m making selections, it’s flipping the data to show me different data there. Or if I am on one of those blurred ones and I want to flip between the institutional and the retail, we can certainly do that as well. So remember, this is artificial intelligence driven. It’s analyzing those opportunities, looking at the ones that you’ve been successful with in the past, and bubbling those up in the orders and in the recommendations or likelihood to win. So it really helps you focus on the right opportunities.

If you also want to give the reps a little more manual capabilities, you can even use the built in dashboards that also are still AI driven, but gives you a little bit more flexibility in terms of what you want to focus on. So we see here, I’ve got my open opportunities, and this Alex Brown one is also on my likely opportunities, but I see that there’s two other ones that it’s suggesting that I may be more successful if I focus on those two opportunities. So hopefully between these four opportunities, I’m going to be a lot more successful than I’m probably going to be working on any of these other additional open opportunities. We can also even do some additional filtering, nice little visual filters show me those that are hot. Okay. We can clear that. Show me those that are warm. Clear that. Or the different organization that we may be dealing with. So very nice, easy, slice and dice filtering capabilities to help ensure that we’re really focusing on the right opportunities and the right RFPs.

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