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Demo Video: Tracking Marketing & Campaign Effectiveness


AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Asset Management Video Series.

Perhaps the biggest challenge marketing people have is tracking the effectiveness of events and campaigns. This is even more complex in asset management. When you’re working to acquire clients, there’s an AUM figure, the number of clients you reach, along with the number of touchpoints and the conversion. However, you’re not interfacing with the end clients. There are many advisors involved and there’s not an immediate sale, and it’s very difficult to track because it’s over a longer period of time.

One of the few questions that could be answered is has our AUM gone up in that product? There’s no feedback loop, and that doesn’t help much with determining what’s working and what’s not. What would really help is to get answers to something like this. We went to this specific advisor and we gave them this type of pitch. Did it work? Or what types of collateral are correlating with positive spikes? Did our efforts yield a positive result on new clients or new revenue for a given product? Let’s see how AI machine learning can give you those answers.

Here we are at our marketing dashboard, and any good CRM product should give you this type of detail, what types of events you’re having, what types of costs so you can track that information, are you spending your money in the right places, leads being generated, opportunities being generated, the revenue, right? But let’s see where the rubber really hits the road, and that’s in our AI-driven dashboards.

Here we see in this case our products, the advisor, net flows, transactions volumes both inflows and outflows, and down below we see the different types of events and campaigns that we’re having, and are those having a net positive impact or a net negative decrease. We can see here in this particular chart that our market research reports seem to be having the greatest impact, so when we send out these marketing research reports or these white papers or people are downloading them on our websites, we’re seeing a corresponding increase in our net flows during those times.

If we wanted to drill down a little bit further and we wanted to see okay, for this market research, what’s the best product that’s being sold by those? We see that this particular market research article is being the most successful, or at least we see more net positive flows in when that’s being active versus when it’s not. Then if we want to drill down even a little bit further, we can go down and even see down to the advisor level, so we see in this case, Lester seems to be having great success with that.

If I want go back to the top, and then we can even now just do it by campaign for example, and now we see that overall, conference meetings are doing okay, but pretty much flat more or less. As we start to see our road show events and our video series, notice that we see a lot more positive increases in those flows.

So with that, please check out our other videos in the series.