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Demo Series: Safe Workplace, the Return to Work Accelerator

A contact tracing app helping keep employees healthy

When a public health crisis requires the shutdown of much of the economy, it is important to have a plan in place for when businesses and organizations reopen to stay on top of new possible outbreaks of infection.

One of the most effective ways to do so is through contact tracing—tracing individuals who might have been in contact with a person diagnosed with a contagious virus or disease. Effective contact tracing in the workplace play a critical role in reopening the economy and enabling resumption of business/operations.

For small and medium sized businesses and organizations, the ability to track the location of both employees and visitors while they are physically at the company’s premises enables them to take fast, proactive measures to mitigate the impact on the health of individuals and minimize the impact on the operation of their business.

Complete contact tracking accelerator in a single app

AKA’s Contact Tracing Accelerator is an application that leverages Microsoft Power Apps to enable organizations to track the location of anyone—both employees and non-employees—while they are physically on company property. In the event of a reported diagnosis or suspected illness, the organization’s HR department can obtain accurate tracing of all locations visited by the individual and use this information to implement policies designed to manage and proactively address health risks as needed.             

Key Features:

  • Organizations can configure locations and zones within each office/site, so employees can easily report their presence at a specific location.
  • Employees can easily report their whereabouts, selecting the zone they’re currently in at any point in time, as well as their movements across different zones while on company premises.
  • HR-designated team members can track visitors’ locations while on company premises and capture basic information about them and their health for reporting purposes.
  • Both employees and visitors (assisted by an HR-designated team member) can complete a required health survey indicating their current health condition and can report any health changes as they occur.
  • Only HR Team members can inquire into or report on information about employee and visitors’ presence data, interactions, or location/contact tracing data to protect each individual’s privacy.

For Employees:

For Coordinators:

For Human Resources Administrators:

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