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Use Case Video: Power Platform in Financial Services – Mobile Trade Approval App Integrated with Salesforce


Part of AKA’s Power Platform in Financial Services Video Series

Customer’s challenge

This large alternative investment firm had a serious challenge around compliance. Portfolio managers across their funds were not providing the necessary trade approvals in a timely manner to satisfy regulatory and compliance guidelines. This is not an unusual situation, but they were relying on email to receive trade approval requests and approving them post hoc. Most of the time, these emails were being ignored, which was creating a regulatory nightmare. The firm gave their app dev team an impossible task: Getting the PMs, who are arguably the most time constrained members of the firm, to comply with what was at the time of very painful process. An additional challenge was that the solution needed to be put in place quickly, and it needed to be controlled so departments wouldn’t resort to developing their own solutions.


AKA in the firm’s app dev team met at Microsoft’s office and, in a single day, we developed a solution that integrates with Salesforce, which is the system of record for the fund managers, as well as the trade settlement system, which was a cloud repository for all trade data. Then, using Power Apps, we architected and developed a mobile solution that delivered a daily trade approval notification to the portfolio managers’ mobile devices, enabling them to receive trade approvals requests and approve them systematically and immediately, regardless of where they are.

Now, rather than getting buried in an email, the notification provides a compulsory need to take action. Compliance instantly skyrocketed from under 50% to nearly 100%. So, we made Compliance, the app dev team, and the client happy in JUST ONE DAY. The client was also left with the ability to take that success and move forward to develop additional applications to support the business in other ways.

Getting started with a Proof of Concept

The key to consistent, profitable growth in today’s volatile financial marketplace is to take advantage of technology –quickly and cost-effectively. With Power Apps and other components of the Power Platform, AKA can bridge the gap with a low-code, rapid application development environment for building apps, automating workflows, and extending the software solutions you already use, just like we did with this firm. The result is exactly the functionality you need to accelerate your vision—in days, not months, and at a lower cost than traditional software development and without having to uproot your other applications and platforms. When off-the-shelf software doesn’t meet that all-important need, call us to see a demonstration of the value of the Power Platform. We’ll start with a 5- or 10-day proof of concept that will show you how we can leverage the Power Platform to tackle those challenges and keep your business moving forward. It’s a low risk approach to proving it out for your organization while building excitement and buy-in for a wider deployment.

About AKA Enterprise Solutions

AKA Enterprise Solutions is a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner, dedicated for more than 30 years to Microsoft technologies, including Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud services, business process consulting, and custom application development with the Power Platform. We combine technology with deep industry knowledge in Financial Services, specifically insurance, banking & capital markets, including asset management, wealth management, hedge funds, private equity, and investment banking. We are honored to have been recognized by Microsoft for many years for our work with financial services firms. 2019 marked our 15th year as a member of Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle, and we have been recognized as a Microsoft Dynamics Global Financial Services Partner of the Year Finalist.