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Each new version of Microsoft Dynamics offers more powerful tools and features, as well as performance enhancements and more. However, the thought of upgrading can be scary. Will the benefits outweigh the cost and potential headaches?
With the right partner, upgrading should be a no-brainer. Don’t give up the potential to gain a competitive advantage through state-of-the-art software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 . Talk to the upgrade experts at AKA about the best path for your organization.

Is It an Upgrade, a Migration, or a Re-implementation?

Do you really need an upgrade? This question might seem confusing since we’re talking about the importance of upgrading, but there are several different ways to approach moving to a new version of software. After completing an assessment, we will recommend a straight upgrade, a migration, or a re-implementation. This depends on the age of your current version, your integrations, customizations, and your processes. With new software comes functionality that is now out of the box. You might find you no longer need a customization. That’s just one example of what we seek to uncover in our assessments.

Online or On Premises?

With the release of Dynamics 365, this is an important question. The world is moving online, and the technology available is surpassing on premises every day. Even large organizations and those with challenging security and compliance requirements are going online.

AKA Enterprise Solutions advocates going online; however, every organization is unique, so do your homework—we can help. First, get a firm grasp of your operations and challenges so you can make an educated decision. Second, learn the differences between each option. Online is changing rapidly, so don’t assume.

Choose the Right Partner

Bad upgrade experiences are often a result of engaging with the wrong partner. As part of your due diligence, take the time to vet your potential upgrade partner. They must be experienced with upgrades and have the technical and business qualifications (Microsoft, industry, etc.). But they also set the tone for the upgrade. Make sure they understand your culture and are willing to work with you. Also, it is absolutely critical to have clear communications. If they are not listening to you or not keeping you in the loop, they are not a good candidate.

At AKA, we know that no two businesses are alike, so no two upgrades are alike. Before we talk about the specifics of your project, we learn about your organization, including your processes and culture. We have a proven methodology for handling upgrades, but within that methodology there is flexibility to ensure the process fits your unique needs and requirements.

Ultimately, we know the goal is to upgrade your system with as little risk, as little downtime, and as little impact on your organization as possible. We take the time to thoroughly understand how the upgrade will both impact and benefit your organization before we begin the process. We will advise you on the safest migration path so that your upgrade is seamless, with minimal impact on your employees and your business.

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The Definitive Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Guide: 6 Things to Know Before Making the Leap

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