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Donor and Volunteer Management software solutions: Make connections and mobilize

Non-profit organizations depend on the generosity of donors and volunteers. If you are unable to attract donors and volunteers and keep them engaged and involved, you risk losing a valuable workforce and badly needed funds. You need a solution that enables you to maximize these relationships.

Built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage solutions for Donor & Volunteer Management utilize Cloud technology to critical functions, including:

  • Tracking donors and donations
  • Recognizing donors and scheduling regular touchpoints to strengthen relationships
  • Managing donation goals and campaigns to support outreach and events
  • Maximizing donation opportunities within existing donor-base (LYBUNT/SYBUNT identification)
  • Mobilizing your volunteer force with calls to action through various mediums to reach diverse set of people, targeted for specific initiatives or events
  • Integrating volunteers with existing personnel and resources to maximize their time
  • Mobilizing volunteers, getting them active and involved

Digital intelligence for timely engagement

With digital intelligence on your side, you can engage donors and volunteers at the right time, in the right place, in the right way to earn support for life.

  • Take contextual information and analysis into every conversation
  • Enable personalized service through a 360-degree view of volunteer and donor interactions
  • Provide quick, easy responses, even using analytics to predict volunteer and donor needs

You need an end-to-end business solution that spans from the data center to the back office to the front office to your donors, volunteers, vendors and other stakeholders. With AKA’s Donor & Volunteer Management, you can align your people, processes, and technology to all work as one toward a common goal.

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