Microsoft Dynamics for Media and Entertainment

ERP and CRM media and entertainment: ad sales automation, advertisier/agency relationshipmanagement, Campaign management, Ad billing, revenue recognition and forecasting.

Print and digital publishing, cable, broadcasting, and other media companies selling advertising, events and subscription products operate in a highly competitive, volatile market that has seen significant changes in the past few years. Leading organizations have merged, consolidated, and modified their revenue streams and business models to adjust to ever changing customer preferences and challenges of the new economy.

DynamicsADvantage works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP to facilitate the management of the unique ad sales and ad billing processes associated with emerging and complex revenue streams specific to the Media and Entertainment Industry. Offering a full suite solution, DynamicsADvantage for online and print publishers,  broadcasters and cable companies, provides comprehensive ad sales automation, opportunity and sales forecasting by product and media, advertiser/agency relationship management, campaign management, ad billing, actuals/fulfillment data tracking for actuals-based processing and reporting, revenue recognition and revenue forecasting.

da_logo_crmDynamicsADvantage CRM is a fully integrated ad sales management system for broadcasters, publishers and cable companies that offers all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as capabilities to enhance the sales, marketing and customer service processes of companies in the media and entertainment industry. By leveraging the Microsoft stack, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Exchange (Outlook) and integration tools,

DynamicsADvantage for CRM provides a consolidated solution that supports a multi-level account hierarchy structure to maintain and manage advertiser/ agency relationships and create opportunities and proposals which can be converted into orders, and integrated to an ERP solution for further processing, and to an ad server or traffic system for order scheduling, providing a common data flow across all systems involved in the processing of a media contract.

DynamicsADvantage CRM contains custom capabilities with forms specifically geared towards tracking the relevant data for the media and entertainment industry such as platforms, media outlets, products, rate cards based on frequencies and ad sales attributes, account classifications and relationships between them allowing advertiser/agencies/subscribers and parent-child entities to coexist in the same platform, Ad Sales product line details including production related data, and the ability to bundle services in one single order, among other features, to allow media companies to effectively manage complex business relationships and sales processes specific to the media industry.

Key Features

    • Sales automation (with Outlook integration)
    • Opportunity management and forecasting
    • Advertiser/Agency relationship management
    • Split commissions calculations
    • Opportunity to proposal to order creation
    • Integration of accounts, locations and orders to DynamicsADvantage ERP
    • Rate Card configurations for all media services and types
    • Approval workflows for accounts and opportunities



DynamicsADvantage works within Microsoft Dynamics ERP to address these new challenges by eliminating the need for different, disparate systems; one for each different revenue stream. DynamicsADvantage for ERP streamlines the management of advertising and subscription billing, reconciliation, revenue forecasting and revenue recognition processes for digital, broadcast, print and online media. For customers, the benefits of an integrated Microsoft based solution include: less overhead for maintenance, support and training, fast user adoption and satisfaction, and higher returns on investment in technology, business processes and human capital.

Key Benefits

  • Accommodate one-stop billing: Bundle your subscription, display ad and online campaigns into one contract and invoice.
  • Leverage the only solution on the market that works within Microsoft Dynamics ERP to provide proven accounting efficiency and billing functions written specifically for the media and entertainment industry.
  • Enable users to access holistic billing, revenue forecasting and receivable management information from one source.
  • Provide user-friendly web services that enable and empower your infrastructure support team with any CRM, traffic and production systems.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Solutions for Media and Entertainment:

  • Online and print publishers
  • Broadcasters (TV, Radio and Web)
  • Cable Companies

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