Ever settled for “good”
instead of “best”?
Ever settled for “good” instead of “best”? Mr. John Smith
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Solution partners

Maybe you have the sneaking feeling that your IT partner might be a jack of all trades but master of none when it comes to solutions for your business. That’s understandable. After all, nobody’s best at everything – which is why we work with partners that offer the best quality solutions in their respective fields. Because they are the best at what they do, we work with these providers to ensure that our clients have exactly what they need for optimal success.

Binary Stream is an award winning, Microsoft Gold certified partner that develops enterprise-grade, add-on software to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX.

ClickDimensions is the top-rated Microsoft-certified email marketing and marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). Providing email marketing, web intelligence, and a host of other features, ClickDimensions provides unparalleled email marketing solutions.

Concur provides cloud-based services that make it simple to manage travel and expenses. By connecting data, applications, and people, Concur delivers an effortless experience as well as total spending transparency.

DynamicWeb’s all-in-one business platform combines content management, Ecommerce, and marketing capabilities to create powerful customer experiences across all channels, increasing conversions and optimizing customer lifetime value.

LiveTiles provides intelligent workplace software that empowers professionals to build engaging intranets. By leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time usage metrics, LiveTiles’ products help professionals invest their time in high-value activities, instead of getting stuck in automatable tasks.

KwikTag provides complete document management solutions capable of integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Accounting and expense management systems, form and document tracking, and other paper-intensive manual processes are all manageable with KwikTag.

Resco is one of the global leaders on the mobile CRM market operating since 1999. Offering a range of cross-platform mobile CRM solutions to businesses of all sizes, its fully customizable market-favorite app, Resco Mobile CRM, enables you to work offline/online while nurturing customer relationships on the go. For more information visit, www.resco.net.

Scribe is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other cloud and on-premises systems, successfully integrating data across critical business systems.

SK Global provides banking, treasury, and revenue automation services for Dynamics 365 and AX users, featuring solutions that allow global integration with any bank, any format, anywhere.

Solver is the leading provider of complete Cloud and on-premise CPM solutions for the mid-market featuring BI360, a suite of modules for reporting, budgeting, dashboards, and data warehousing.


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