What’s New in the Spring 2017 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update

What’s New in the Spring 2017 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Update

Microsoft Dynamics 365 LogoMicrosoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative, integrated new take on CRM and the spring 2017 update delivers even more powerful improvements to this exciting platform. We’ve highlighted some of the top updates below, including an extensive change to the user interface and the mobile experience. We also invite you to attend our webinar live or view a recorded version to see these changes in action and get the full scoop on what’s new for Dynamics 365.

The Dynamics 365 spring update includes several enhancements that will directly improve the user experience, both in house and mobile. As with any update, you hope it makes life easier for users, and this one delivers. Here are 5 enhancements that will improve productivity right away:

  1. Responsive user interface: Simple changes to the user interface will streamline data-entry and make it easier to enter, read and evaluate data. Less whitespace, better visual hierarchy and responsive design are a few of the features that deliver an improved user interface. Standardized fonts provide a consistent look and feel, while customizable features still allow users to adjust their page and panel headers.
  1. Sales and insights improvements: The Dynamics 365 spring update will include new tools for integrating and matching disparate sets of data. Stronger integration with machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with new predictive scoring, will deliver new insights into sales, operations, financials and other key business processes.
  1. Stronger Outlook connections: Dynamics 365 for Sales and the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook are built on the new unified interface. Your employees are already familiar with the Outlook tools and will enjoy even more capabilities with this stronger connection. For example, as a ‘mobile client,’ users will be able to use the Dynamics 365 app just as they do the mobile app.
  1. Improved mobility: New accessibility and responsive design will be immediately available when the Dynamics 365 online server us updated. The mobile app offers fast navigation throughout Sales, Service, Marketing and other areas. Users will also enjoy quick access to recently-viewed records and pinned favorites.
  1. And much more: There are many more new and important improvements to the platform including stronger integration with data outside Dynamics 365 and multi-select option sets. Enhancements to the Interactive Service Hub centralizes customer service information and makes it easier for managers to prioritize and act on service cases.

Learn More About the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Spring Update

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a look at the latest release of Dynamics 365. Register for our “What’s New in Dynamics 365 – 2017 Update” webinar on September 13th, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST to join our team of experts for a discussion and demonstration of all the Dynamics 365 spring 2017 updates. you can access it here. Contact us with any questions or for more information on deploying or updating Dynamics 365 in your organization.


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