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Let’s face it, as much as technology has changed the world of advertising, one thing hasn’t changed—companies need to get the word out about how they can provide value with their products and services. The vehicles for that communication might be evolving every day, but the world will always need the concept of advertising to exist. And where is this service being provided? Well, in various media outlets. Every day in TV and on the radio, websites, newspapers and magazines, VOD feeds, movie theaters, among others, companies are advertising their products and services. Media companies are a vital part of the process and provide the advertising and content delivery services we all know and enjoy.

I actually became involved in this field mentored by experts in the industry and via information technology consulting. For 10 years I have been setting up media organizations with business apps that optimize the various departments within the organization. I have worked with sales, finance, reporting, accounting, IT—you name it—and the systems I’ve implemented have integrated the various departments. The results have been more efficient systems and higher sales revenue. Who does not like that!

Anyway, through my experience I have learned quite a bit about more than just the business applications end of the issue. I’ve been exposed to well run organizations and poorly run ones. I know that the difference often comes down to changes in processes and the way that the different departments  involved in the ad sales and management process interact with each other. I’ve also lived through many of the downturns that the media industry has gone through and feel that much of the suffering could have been avoided with better information about how to run their organizations and what the industry is actually moving towards, as the vehicles for advertising are constantly being renewed and replaced, the organizations that benefit from them need better data to show their advertisers where the audience is, which at the end is what sells or breaks a publication, a website, a TV or radio show.

So I will be sharing a lot of what I’ve learned, and will continue to learn, through this blog. I figure if more media professionals know how to manage their ad and media sales process more effectively, then revenues will rise, the entire media industry will be healthier, and I’ll continue to have productive and engaging clients. In addition to that, I will do my part in our quest to communicate value propositions to deserving customers all over the world. So stay tuned for some fantastic information coming your way. And feel free to comment whenever you feel the need. Thanks for following!

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Contributor: Adolfo Ramirez

As AKA's Media Practice Lead for more than a decade, Adolfo is an experienced consultant and project manager with a history of successful CRM and ERP projects across media and other industries. With 17 years of experience working with the Microsoft business platform, he is responsible for leading his team in designing, building, and implementing solutions that help media companies drive value.

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