Highlights From The Live Briefing on Windows 10

In case you missed Microsoft’s live briefing of their new operating system Windows 10, here are a few highlights from today’s presentation. I have provided a few answers for some of our questions from this morning:

When will it be released? Not sure yet. We did find out that Windows 7 and 8 users will have a free upgrade to the new system for one year after it is released.

How much? See above

How will it differ from Windows 8 and 8.1? For starters they are bringing back the option for the start menu (choose between start button of Windows 7 or apps screen in 8).  Continuum  a new feature in Windows 10 seamlessly switches between tablet and PC modes so that your devices work together. Advanced Outlook features for your mobile devices with a swipe right for yes and swipe left for no (Tinder anyone?) feature to save and delete emails. There will also be a more advanced Outlook calendar available for mobile devices. There are many more updates so make sure to follow @akaesny for more information.

Do we get to see Spartan in action? Yes! Project Spartan was introduced, look out Google Chrome.

Is Cortana Siri’s cousin? Unclear but she is powered by Bing and will be available for PCs when Windows 10 is released. She will be able to pull personalized playlists and agendas for the user based on the information you keep on your computer.

Will Windows 10 make up for Windows 8? Looks like it! Beginning with many added features, the ability to move between devices and personalize your work PC and match it to your mobile device. The Windows Insider Program tries and tests each build and uses feedback from testers to create the best UI they can.

What Else? Windows HoloLens, a self contained computer you have to see in action!


A recording of the live briefing will be available on demand for future viewing so check out all the new features to look forward to.

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