Unhappy Gamer Attacks Sony PlayStation Network

It seems no one is safe from nefarious plots by cyber-attackers, including Sony Corp’s PlayStation Network.  Cyber criminals launched an attack on the network and topped it off with a bomb threat on a commercial flight with a senior Sony executive on board.  User information doesn’t appear to have been compromised, this time.  There was another reason for this attack.

According to “PlayStation Network back online after cyber-attack, bomb scare,” posted by Reuters on NYPost.com, a Twitter user claimed responsibility for the denial of service attack that burdened the PlayStation network with traffic.  The attack did not appear to have accessed user information and the FBI is investigating the bomb threat that caused the diversion of the flight carrying John Smedly, President of Sony Online Entertainment.  The party claiming responsibility indicated that the attack was intended to pressure Sony to spend more money on the network and to “end the greed”.  Apparently, the attacker believes that Sony is hoarding profits, choosing to line their pockets instead of make improvements to the network services.  This same Twitter user also targeted the servers used by World of Warcraft video game-makers Blizzard Entertainment causing the website issues and threatened Microsoft’s Xbox Live network which may have caused minor problems for users.

Clearly this gamer is unhappy with the service, the cost, or the customer service they may have received by Sony and others associated with PlayStation.  Most customers may not go to such lengths to express their frustrations; however, this begs the question – are you listening to your customers?  Businesses that aren’t paying attention could damage customer relationships or lose customers altogether.  Unhappy customers are increasingly using social media sites to express their displeasure, which could further damage your reputation.  Listen to what customers are saying and improve customer satisfaction by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

An integrated CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, can strengthen connections between your sales, marketing, and customer services teams and your customers.  You can capture each customer interaction, including online and social media engagements, and get a better view of your customers.  The more you learn, the better you can satisfy their demands.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how you can keep your customers happy with CRM.

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