Transparency Still A Work In Progress For Some States

Many states are gaining traction with transparency and others are still working hard to share information with their constituents.  According to a recent study, each of the 50 states have made progress with offering financial transparency, some better than others.

As discussed in “How Does Your State Rank for Financial Data Transparency?,” posted by Colin Wood on, states seem to be improving financial transparency efforts but there is room for improvement.  A study conducted by U.S. PIRG, a consumer advocacy group, evaluated and ranked the 50 states based on how well they show the public how they spend money.  They considered the information that was made available to the public and the functionality of their state websites.  The report revealed that all states are showing improvement and all have the ability to show transparency at the checkbook level.   Ohio topped the list this year with a new financial portal.  Ohio also offers citizens a single portal for all information, single-click search functionality, and comprehensive data showing spending by quasi-governmental agencies as well as public-private partnerships.  Ohio’s portal may have cost nearly $814,000; however, they expect to recoup their investment and more, through the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse that can be spotted by citizen and watchdog groups.

Government offices can show accountability and transparency through the use of a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  A single, centralized management solution makes it easier to enter, access, and analyze data, which can improve productivity and responsiveness with the citizens or regulatory groups that may ask for data.  You can also create an open portal and share information with citizens, vendors, or other businesses.  Providing self-service features, such as online payments or information searches, is a convenience for your citizens as well as your employees.  When the community can find the information they need, on their own time, your staff will experience fewer distractions, which improves their productivity.

Replace outdated business systems with today’s innovative, affordable ERP solutions and show the high level of accountability and transparency that your citizens expect.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how ERP and other management solutions can streamline operations, improve transparency, and strengthen relationships with those you serve.

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