Top 3 Ways to Scale Business and Drive Growth

Are you experiencing growth or planning for it? Like other companies in the media and entertainment industry, there is a lot of potential to scale business operations as more people spend time on mobile devices. Expanding marketing and branding efforts—whether that be social media, videos, or updated email marketing – can all be great ways to drive growth. However, before testing the waters, make sure you have some things in check first.

If you feel like you need a few more hours in each day to get things done at the office, you probably aren’t alone. It’s common for business owners, operators and managers to feel like they need more time and money to scale operations. Then, as business grows, there is still a continued need for time and money to keep up that forward momentum. There is no shortage of marketing ideas that will support this growth; however, they all come with a price tag. Instead of investing valued time and money on every new marketing or branding trend that appears, take a step back and make sure it’s worthy of your time and money.

What’s worth your time and money?

Every business owner wants more time and money, and technology can deliver both. Modern business management solutions like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) offer many time-saving automations. Not only will you save time through these automations, you also save money.

Here’s how to know which marketing and branding activities are worth your time and money:

  1. Plan and strategize: People are spending more time on smartphones and mobile devices than ever before. There is no shortage of ways to leverage that attraction in a marketing and advertising plan. However, that doesn’t mean that by sharing social media posts, creating videos or partnering with influencers, you are guaranteed stronger leads or increased sales. It’s good to have options, but you need to know who your audience is, how often they prefer to be engaged by your business, and on which platform. Then, you need to decide whether and how to approach your audience in a way that contributes to revenues and growth.
  2. Deploy technology: No matter which marketing activities you choose, you need a way to monitor and measure the results. A robust CRM solution offers a powerful platform for connecting all of your marketing data within a single, centralized location. You can release an email marketing program directly through CRM, for example, or tap into social media channels. Then, you can record the results of engagement to determine which efforts are preferred by your customer base and which of those result in leads and sales.
  3. Leverage data: After devising a plan and putting the right technology in place, you can then capture, analyze and act on the data that is being captured through marketing and advertising campaigns. Today’s technology solutions offer dashboards for monitoring key metrics in real time, as well as other business intelligence features that highlight trending data. As you continue to test the waters of various marketing strategies and tactics, you’ll gather more data and discover new ways to attract prospects, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen engagement.

Plan Your Attack, Then Evaluate Data and Drive Growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As a business owner or manager, you don’t have time or money to waste on ineffective marketing campaigns. Plan and strategize your approach, then monitor and measure activities within the right technology solution. You’ll get to know customers better, fine-tune marketing efforts, and continue to strengthen these activities as your business grows. Be confident that your marketing and branding activities are contributing to revenues and business growth.

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