How Technology is Changing Content Development and Delivery

Disruptions to marketing, combined with the evolution of technology, are changing the way marketers and advertisers create and share content. Effective marketing and branding efforts are evolving and audiences are moving onto new platforms, which means marketers need to move too. In this digital era, no one can possibly know what the next big advancement in tech will be or how to harness it successfully. What we do know is that changes are coming and you need to be as flexible as you can be to navigate these changes and remain relevant and profitable.

Can you remember the days before modern social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Or the more visual sites like Instagram or Snapchat? Before the rise of social networking sites, most marketers focused on email campaigns and industry-focused magazines or newsletters for print ad placement. Advances in technology have opened the doors to so many new opportunities, and consumers play a much larger role than ever before.

Armed with these modern platforms, consumers can pick and choose the online sites they use and how they use them. These influences are changing the way businesses engage their customers. As noted in “From TV to Digital Media: How Technology Changes Content Development,” posted by John Hall on, companies are taking a second look at the content being created, where it’s published and how it’s distributed.

Technology is Making Waves in the Media and Entertainment Industry

In the media and entertainment industry, these changes are becoming even more profoundly apparent. While TV viewing is still strong, viewers are also using tablets, laptops and smartphones to view TV content. Netflix, Hulu, and Sling are game-changing content generating and viewing services that are giving rise to other innovative services. YouTube is expanding their video platform and launching a TV service. Another new platform, Pluto TV, is ad-supported and offers a variety of TV channels using modern technology to curate and distribute content, as well as monetize those efforts.

We can see how marketing has advanced from print, to TV and film, to online and digital media. These platforms, especially the social networking sites, offer a greater reach, a faster connection, and an even more direct way to connect with customers. Businesses can breathe new life into marketing efforts. For example, an article published in a newsletter or online can be shared again through social media sites or be repurposed on LinkedIn to reach the B2B audience. As the article is shared by consumers, you essentially are extending the life of that article and reaching far more viewers.

Gain Agility and Flexibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DynamicsADvantage

While it is difficult to see where technology is headed, there is one thing we can predict – more changes in technology and customer expectations are sure to come. Businesses, and their marketing and sales teams, need to be ready for change and have the agility and flexibility needed to keep up with the pace of change. This agility isn’t possible when relying on legacy, stagnate technology.

Modern business management solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, offer powerful support right out-of-the-box and a network of supporting services and apps to keep business processes aligned with customer needs and industry trends.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your foundation, businesses can seamlessly connect other important business applications, including DynamicsADvantage, to strengthen operations. Dynamics 365 offers productivity tools, business intelligence features, mobility and scalability. For businesses in the media and entertainment industry, DynamicsADvantage provides an innovative way to manage advertising, events and subscription products, as well as the complicated ad sales and billing processes associated with these complex revenue streams.

Having the right technology in place is good for your business, your customers and marketing activities. Contact us to learn more about the options and benefits you can expect with today’s innovative business systems. We’ll help you be prepared to meet changing needs.

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