AKA’s Tech for Social Impact Day Makes an Impact on Non-Profits

On January 22nd, AKA Enterprise Solutions, in association with Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact, hosted a Tech for Social Impact Day (TSI Day) at the Microsoft Conference Center in New York City. This event brought together non-profit organization and Microsoft decision makers.

The goal of the TSI Day was to provide an opportunity for non-profit leaders to hear each other’s stories, share best practices, and learn how technology is being used to help solve many of the world’s most challenging problems.

Justin Spelhaug, General Manager of Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact group, delivered the opening keynote, focusing on the importance of privacy, security, and ethics as organizations start to use technology for social impact. The four pillars of Tech for Social Impact strategy are:

  • Digital transformation – Partnering with organizations on the front line of change to help advance their mission with technology
  • Digital inclusion – Reaching underserved populations worldwide and equipping them with the digital skills they will need to access 21st-century jobs
  • Employee Engagement – Leveraging our first and best asset, employees, to effect change
  • Trust – Building trust with every customer, partner, and government around the world

Spelhaug cited LifeWorks, a customer of AKA and advocate for more than 4,000 youths and families. With Dynamics 365, LifeWorks is making the transformation from service provider to problem solver by implementing an evidence-based model across all programs. Watch the video to learn more:


Following the keynote, leaders from non-profits with diverse backgrounds and experiences offered their perspectives and best practices through a series of interactive panel discussions, moderated by Katie Leonberger, President and CEO of CRE:

In Harnessing the Power of Data: How to Help Your Non-Profit Provide Evidence Based Outcomes and Manage Resources, Funding, and Reporting to Better Support the People You Serve, panel members discussed the importance of using measurable outcomes to demonstrate the success of programs and continue to receive funding. Panel members included LifeWorks, International Rescue Committee, and the Commit Partnership. The Commit Partnership, a childhood education-focused community navigator, is utilizing predictive analytics to manage resources, funding, and reporting to better advise the schools they serve, helping to improve early childhood education, prepare and retain effective educators, and increase post-secondary completion rates. Watch this video to learn more about the Commit Partnership:


To Protect and Serve: How Non-Profits Can Gain and Maintain the Trust of Beneficiaries, Donors, and Volunteers by Guarding Their Information Against Any Threat or Disaster, focused on protecting sensitive information from threats and disasters. This session featured Americares and Médecins Sans Frontières U.S.A. (MSF). Also known by most as Doctors without Borders, MSF is a medical humanitarian organization that provides assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. This organization leverages Azure Services to create a global tenant, allowing MSF to collaborate seamlessly across the globe. Read more about Médecins Sans Frontières U.S.A.
Finally, in Making Connections that Serve Your Mission: How Non-Profits Can Break Down Barriers to Better Support Donors, Volunteers, and Beneficiaries, panel members discussed the importance of aligning donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries with your mission to ensure effective collaboration and communication. This session featured Americares, a relief organization that helps individuals affected by poverty or disaster with medical supplies and health programs. Using Dynamics 365 and Power BI Pro, Americares is able to make better and faster business decisions on a global scale with less reliance on IT resources. Read more about Americares
Learn more about AKA’s solutions for non-profit organizations and contact us to discuss how we can help you with accomplishing your mission.
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Contributor: Bryn Forrest

As Director, Government, Not for Profit, Media Industries, and Existing Customer Marketing for AKA, Bryn has more than 26 years of experience in marketing management, 17 of those with AKA. Under her leadership, AKA has been recognized by Microsoft for excellence in marketing.

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