How to Strengthen Cross-Channel Personalization to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Like many businesses, you likely interact with customers across many channels, both online and offline. While many of today’s customers prefer to rely on mobile means, there are times when a phone call with a sales representative or customer services specialist is necessary. Regardless of how a customer contacts your team, is every customer getting the same level of attention across each and every channel?

Disparate Business Systems Obstruct a Frictionless Customer Experience

In this digital era, businesses have many options for customer engagement. There have never been more online channels and social media sites continue to add new features. Similarly, customers have a number of options to interact with your organization. They also have higher expectations for prompt and accurate responsiveness on whichever channel they choose.

Even with the best policies and procedures in place, it can be difficult for your employees to provide consistent, accurate services across multiple channels. Disparate systems isolate data, making it difficult for employees to reach, analyze and share in a timely manner. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to present a seamless, personalized customer experience across all channels.

As highlighted in “Top 3 tips for cross-channel personalization,” on, a customer may begin a conversation using a social media platform to ask questions about a product or service. That customer may then choose to contact a sales representative for a quote or customer service for additional troubleshooting. If there is no interaction history for sales and customer service to reference, the customer is forced to repeat their question—often more than once or twice. Clearly this becomes a frustrating experience for your customers who may then turn to a more responsive competitor.

3 Ways to Strengthen Cross-Channel Personalization

Modern business management solutions, including both enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), provide the support you need to present a united front across all available channels. Here are three ways to strengthen cross-channel personalization:

  1. Capture relevant data: Integrating ERP and CRM delivers a solid platform for capturing and monitoring key data. Workflows and other automations make it easier for employees to enter customer-centric data from proposals and quotes, sales orders, follow-ups, customer service activities, marketing interactions, and communications—from paper and email to social media.
  2. Real-time customer journey-mapping: Real-time data takes on a whole new meaning when engaging customers across multiple channels. Tracking customers in real time gives you the opportunity to instantly react to buying behaviors, inquiries and complaints. Dashboards, advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI) features within ERP and CRM deliver deeper insight into each customer.
  3. Understand the entire customer journey: Combining offline and online touchpoints into a rich customer profile makes it easier for employees across the organization to understand and monitor the customer journey from end to end. This is critical to delivering the best customer experience and has become the #1 way businesses are competing today.

Present a United Front with ERP and CRM

Competition is fierce right now in the media and entertainment industry. Be confident you are providing a seamless, frictionless experience across all channels by replacing disparate systems with an integrated ERP and CRM solution like Dynamics ADvantage. Contact us with any questions or for more information.

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