Time to Strengthen Brand, Agency Relationships

As we look back over last year and forward to the potential that this new year offers, many businesses are considering big changes. Some brands are evaluating their agencies to determine whether they are getting a good return on investment. Others are considering new technology or bringing certain initiatives in-house. Relationships between brands, agencies and vendors may experience a shift in 2017 and this is a good time to position your business for success.

Experts share their views and insights on the advertising industry ecosystem in “Industry Predicts the Future of Brand, Vendor & Agency Relationships,” posted by Lindsay Rowntree on ExchangeWire.com. Rob Jonas, SVP Revenue at Factual, suggests brands are taking a more proactive approach toward technology. They are learning about digital options as much as agency partners and are choosing to forge their own path toward technology goals. Charles Cantu, CEO and Founder of Huddled Masses, echoed that sentiment indicating brands are starting to audit their agencies to make sure they are getting a solid return on investment. Cantu suggests this new dynamic can be good for everyone involved. Publishers will determine whether they are getting a fair value CPM (cost per impression), advertisers will be confident media dollars are yielding impressions and a high ROI, and agencies will be able to deliver better results without having to focus on CPM.

Clients aren’t just asking agencies and advertisers to work their magic anymore and, instead, are taking a more active role with marketing efforts. You may have already noticed relationships between brands, advertisers and agencies have changed, not to mention the continued evolution of the digital landscape. Ensure you are keeping accounts, opportunities and client needs organized with the support of stronger management technology.

Manage Business Relationships, Multi-Platform Campaigns With DynamicsADvantage

Media companies that sell advertising can rely on DynamicsADvantage, a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for this unique industry. Configure account information for specific advertisers and agencies, and the relationships between them. Manage multi-platform campaigns from creation to completion, maintaining all property and product details associated with them at each point of the process. DynamicsADvantage will automate the sales process, provide revenue forecasting and can be integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for even greater insights.

The digital advertising landscape is changing and business relationships appear to be changing in tandem. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about strengthening these relationships with DynamicsADvantage.

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