Streamline Information Management to Improve Citizen Satisfaction

Your website is likely the very first place a citizen will go to look up information, download a form, or otherwise engage with your municipal office. As such, it’s important to have a website that is easily navigated, provides the information most people need, and can load easily on both desktop and mobile devices. How does your website rank? Is it easy to use and efficient, or confusing and frustrating to users?

It may be time for a website makeover according to “Dot-Govs Get a Much-Needed Facelift,” posted by Tod Newcombe on In the dawn of the internet, many local and state municipalities created websites that offered citizens access to every form and all of the volumes of information the public office had available. As a result, webpages were cluttered with columns of tiny text and drop-down menus that lead to even more pages full of jumbled fields of information. The information overload citizens found on websites can be just as frustrating as sitting on hold or standing in line at a governmental office. Adding to website complications is that videos and slideshows slow down the transmittal of data, another source of frustration, and more people are using mobile devices which doesn’t work well since most websites were built for PC use.

Streamline Information Management and Improve Citizen Satisfaction with ERP and CRM

The state of New York updated their website in 2014 and the cities of Boston and Philadelphia are working on their new websites, testing beta versions alongside the existing website to see which features are preferred and which to avoid. Getting to know constituents better and providing them with the information they need is a priority for public offices at all levels. Public sector agencies can use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to capture operational data, manage budgets and projects, and streamline common internal operations. A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can be used to open a portal for citizens to use when communicating with an office or accessing important information. Each system can make it easier for public offices to capture, analyze and share important information with citizens, while also reducing the frustration encountered with inefficient, outdated systems.

Make your websites and offices efficient and functional, instead of cluttered and frustrating. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how to streamline information management and satisfy citizens by replacing outdated systems with modern ERP and CRM solutions

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