Your Software Selection Process – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Software selection can be a long, arduous, and painful process or it can be fast, informative and fun. It’s your choice (see our post 5 reasons not to use RFP’s). At AKA we prefer the latter, and I must say we have a pretty good track record of selecting software providers whose products we not only sell to our clients but also use successfully in house. How do we do it? We like to focus on 6 criteria that are pretty easy to evaluate:

  • Technology – Does it play well with the Microsoft Solution Stack? How customizable is it? How easy is it to get resources to modify it?
  • Vision – Where does the company see itself in the marketplace? Where does it want to go next?
  • Leadership – Who is running the company? What are their backgrounds? Are they passionate about the product?
  • Track record – How many customers? And more importantly, are they satisfied?
  • Ease of doing business – What are the agreements and programs in place for doing business together? Is it a mutually beneficial relationship?
  • Services and support organization – What is the process for interacting with the company’s resources in the short and long term?

There are obviously many more questions we can ask within these criteria, but we find that following these guidelines enables us to interact with the right individuals to find companies and people we want to do business with—and in the spirit of our Mission Statement, “perpetuate positive, long term relationships.”

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