Reducing Upgrade Anxiety: 6 Ways to Get Past It and Start Enjoying the Benefits

Most people cringe at the idea of having to go through an upgrade. Considering that most upgrades go poorly, that feeling is understandable. Blown budgets, missed deadlines, and business interruptions make it feel like upgrades aren’t worth it. It’s just difficult to see the benefits when you’ve been through so much aggravation.

Anxiety about upgrading

But keeping up with the latest technology is critical to any business

Upgrades might be anxiety provoking, but you still need to keep up with them. New releases bring fixes, better functionality, increased security, and more. If you don’t stay up to date with your software, you are likely missing out on big opportunities that result in serious ROI. In addition, the longer you wait, the more difficult upgrading gets.

How to reduce (or eliminate) upgrade anxiety: 6 helpful tips

To help you get past this fear, we’ve compiled 6 tips to ensure a smooth, pleasant upgrade experience.

  1. Assess your current status. Is it time to upgrade? If you’re behind more than a version or so, then the likely answer is, “yes.” A qualified upgrade partner can explain what has changed or been added, so you can determine next steps.
  2. Determine the best method. Yes, there is more than one way to upgrade. You can choose a straight upgrade, a migration, or a reimplementation. You don’t have to make this decision alone: Your upgrade partner will make recommendations after assessing your current situation.
  3. Decide on the cloud or on-premises. There advantages and disadvantages to both, but the cloud is quickly becoming the clear winner in this area. Don’t make assumptions because great strides are being made every day. Talk to an expert about cloud solutions. They will help you determine if the cloud is right for you.
  4. Be aware of your role in the process. Your upgrade partner is handling the upgrade, but make no mistake: you play a key role. Make sure you and your staff are prepared by discussing your responsibilities with your upgrade partner. The more collaborative the effort, the greater the success.
  5. Find the right partner. In every tip we’ve listed, we’ve pointed out that you need a partner that is an expert at upgrades. When it comes to upgrading, this is essential. Do your homework! Find a partner with a proven track record, a solid process, and experience with your industry. You won’t regret being diligent about this step.
  6. Take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365! The amazing benefits offered by Dynamics 365 should be enough to convince you that it is time for an upgrade. It’s architecture, features, and functions will provide you with the freedom to grow, expand, or adapt—in short, it will take you wherever you want to go.Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade eBook Things to know before Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365

To learn more, download our free eBook, The Definitive Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Guide: 6 Things to Know Before Making the Leap. Then contact the upgrade experts at AKA Enterprise Solutions to discuss your upgrade questions and plan.

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