Reconsidering The Value Of Content Marketing, Not The ROI

Marketers are often held accountable for trying to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for an array of marketing efforts.  While you may be able to determine how much you are spending on each marketing campaign, it is often much more difficult to calculate the dollars and cents that each piece of content returns.  A dollar to dollar ratio may be out of reach; however, you can determine the overall value of each marketing effort instead.

Maybe you ran a Super Bowl commercial or a social media campaign to highlight a new product or service.  You know the cost of those specific efforts and, interested in knowing the ROI, you look for a boost in sales or other evidence that the marketing campaign paid off.  As suggested in “3 Ways to Track the True Value, Not Just Return on Investment, of Your Content Marketing,” posted by Justin Gray on, there is more value to marketing than a singular, highly-defined campaign.  You may find greater value by focusing on the overall customers’ experience with your business online, in person, and on multiple platforms.

As Gray indicates, buyers are looking for information before reaching out to a business and there is plenty of information to be found online.  Your content is their primer and you may expect customers to return to your sales team when they are ready to make a purchase, but that may not be the case.  After that first-touch or introduction to your business or products, the customers’ journey is just starting.  Today’s customers expect a multi-touch experience that builds relationships, encourages interactions, and eventually leads to the sale.  Calculating the costs behind each touch-point is futile; however, certain metrics can be followed to gain insight into the quality of leads and how long it takes a customer to be satisfied enough to place an order.

Tracking customer interest requires both attention to details and the support of a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  As you capture customer-centric data, you can develop customer personas or buyer profiles that provides insight into what triggers certain actions.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for information about using CRM to determine the value behind content marketing efforts and how you can engage prospects and strengthen relationships with customers.

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