How Did Pop-Ups Lead To Trackable Behavior?

Pop-ups are pretty annoying even if they relate to whatever it is you may be viewing online.  However, every link that online users click registers an activity, sending data to businesses for analysis.  Advertisers want data to learn more about target groups so they can fine-tune efforts and learn how to sell better.  However, does it really work?

As discussed in “What’s Wrong With The Internet?,” posted by Greg Satell on, the inventor of the pop-up, Ethan Zuckerman, apologized for his invention at the Business Innovation Factory Summit, as well as to the entire world with a post in The Atlantic.  Although pop-ups can be rather irritating, they are necessary for advertisers who need to learn more about their target market in order to create effective marketing campaigns.  As such, the pop-ups offer sophisticated tracking that can capture and route data to those advertisers.

The good side for tracking each click that a user may make while online is that advertisers can learn more and create personalized messages.  This could lead to intuitive tracking that posts more relevant information or personalized advertisement messages instead of the useless junk that we normally see.  However, the dark side of this technology is that the more we are tracked online, the more our behaviors could be tracked offline which presents other security and privacy risks.

In addition to pop-up ads, with each click on an ecommerce site or when consumers visit a retail store, consumers are engaging in trackable behavior.  It would be reasonable to assume that if an advertiser can reach their audience and get the information that they need without frustrating or invading the privacy of consumers, that would be a better revenue model.  Businesses can learn more about their customers with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution and share this insight with their sales and marketing department or advertising agencies.  Today’s powerful CRM solutions provide greater control and visibility with marketing campaigns, sales insight, and customer needs.  You can learn more about your prospects and customers with each interaction, whether it’s online or in person.

Get to know customers better without annoying pop-ups.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for additional information about using CRM to gain insight and strengthen relationships with prospects and customers.

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