Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Digital Transformation – A Day in the Life

Digital Transformation. It’s a term we see used frequently these days. Hot topics in technology, or any industry for that matter, are often difficult to define. An even greater challenge can be determining how (and if) these topics are relevant to your organization.

Let’s begin by defining digital transformation. Though many definitions can apply, we can boil it down to this: Digital transformation is essentially making significant changes utilizing digital technology. It is a simple idea that is revolutionizing the way industries are now doing business.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enables Digital Transformation

As a matter of fact, digital transformation is so relevant in today’s market, that Microsoft built Dynamics 365 to enable it.

The goal of Dynamics 365 is to facilitate businesses’ ability to achieve digital transformation utilizing their own approach, regardless of their industry’s definition. Whether an organization is trying to achieve growth organically or via acquisition, moving to comply with regulatory requirements, or simply needs to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs, they require intelligent business applications in order to get there.

By merging its various business applications and moving them to the cloud, phasing out walls that have separated traditional products (like ERP and CRM), and introducing “purpose-built” applications, Microsoft has changed the way the game is played. Virtually everything an organization touches, from sales through financials, can be handled utilizing a single platform. This results in vastly more engaged customers and prospects, empowered employees that work smarter, processes and operations that run more efficiently, and the ability to provide the products and services customers are demanding.

To learn more about how Dynamics 365 enables digital transformation, watch this short video featuring Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:

Dynamics 365: the tools that power digital transformation

In addition to the application layer are technologies and tools that power transformation. Microsoft Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning are built into Dynamics 365, enabling you to manage and take advantage of big data by :

  • Creating actionable strategies
  • Automating processes while creating entirely new business models
  • Engaging with customers like never before

Flexibility, redefined and expanded

Flexibility is an exciting feature found in Dynamics 365. Though business applications have claimed to be “flexible,” Dynamics 365 actually delivers on this claim…and in ways like you have never seen before!

Replacing traditional customization – While customizing solutions to meet your business needs has been available in various software applications, there were significant limitations. Customizations have typically required the time of experienced programmers at great expense. In addition, customized software has often been problematic with regard to upgrading and/or integrating with other products. With Dynamics 365, you simply select what your business requires, and tools like Flow and PowerApps allow you to do your own customizing—no programming needed.

Providing strategic flexibility – Dynamics 365’s flexibility offers significant advantages when it’s time to grow, expand, and evolve, which is critical in the life of a successful organization. A business can start with and pay for exactly what it needs. As those needs change, apps can be added that give you increased capabilities. These powerful apps are designed not only to conform to fit various industries and businesses, but also to adapt to specific roles within your business.

The time is now to transform—and we’ll help you get started

It’s an exciting time to be in business. Digital transformation is happening, right now—and the means to be an integral part of this revolution are right here.  For additional information, join us as we journey through a typical day with an organization fully immersed in and reaping the rewards of a bona fide digital transformation.

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