Pay-Per-Click Advertising: How to Measure Success Beyond the Click

High click-through and conversion rates are important metrics for your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign; however, do you know what happens after the click? Whether you are a marketer, agency or publisher—you’ve got to show the effectiveness of your campaigns. It’s critical to understand and measure the entire journey, and that includes every interaction and engagement beyond the click.

It Starts with a Click

There are a variety of branding and advertising campaigns that businesses utilize in this digital age. You’ve got Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, YouTube and shopping channels. Paid search, paid social, remarketing and display ads are also a valuable way to promote your business or special offers. Followers, ‘likes’ and views are key metrics many marketers use to determine whether these online efforts are paying off. However, these metrics don’t tell the whole story.

As discussed in “PPC strategy: Planning beyond the click,” posted on, releasing a PPC campaign is just the first step in this marketing channel. What happens next is just as important to determining the return on investment and converting a prospect into a customer.

Fine-Tune the Post-Click Experience

Every marketing campaign, including PPC, must have a call to action (CTA) that is enticing to the customer and encourages action. Establishing that CTA is a strategic decision for each campaign whether it directs user to a form on your website, instigates a phone call or goes right to a purchase. At this point, it’s important to understand the prospect’s journey, including follow-up of that CTA action. For example:

  • What happens after the customer fills out a form on your website? Who is watching for completed forms? How fast are you able to respond?
  • Who will answer the phone for the prospect – a sales representative or customer service? Do they know how to answer the prospect’s questions? What if they call after normal business hours?
  • When directing a prospect to a sales page, is the order form or purchase process easy and quick? What happens when the shopping cart is abandoned? Do you have post-sale follow-up?

Understanding the PPC process and the post-click experience is critical to making this method of marketing successful, and this requires the support of modern technology.

Measure and Monitor the Entire PPC Journey with DynamicsADvantage

DynamicsADvantage works with Microsoft Dynamics to deliver campaign management support from creation to conversion to collections. Publishers, cable companies, broadcasting companies and other media and entertainment companies that sell advertising can manage PPC campaigns alongside other marketing efforts. With this solution, you can:

  • Create and manage multiple campaigns, including multi-platform efforts
  • Manage advertiser and agency relationships and track these relationships through receivables and collections
  • Streamline billing and revenue recognition at the campaign level
  • Perform multi-level revenue forecasting by property, account, advertiser-agency relationship, product and account representative
  • Perform billing forecasting based on individual campaign options
  • Manage online actuals delivery tracking from multiple production and ad server systems
  • Use enhanced reporting options to create revenue reconciliation or forecasting reports and other reports

The key to a successful marketing campaign, PPC and others, is to measure and monitor efforts throughout the entire lifecycle. Contact us to discuss ways you can improve your campaign returns with DynamicsADvantage.

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