Open Data Offers Great Potential…But Who Cares?

Those involved with government offices and public agencies are pushing ‘open data’ to the top of their agendas.  Open data, the sharing of data between government offices and the public, provides a new level of transparency and accountability.  This data can be used to spot waste, save time and money, and improve public services.  Although there are many proponents of open data, there are also ‘committed cynics’.

A report called the ‘Americans’ Views on Open Government Data,’ discussed in “Who Cares About Open Data?,” posted by Colin Wood on, suggests that the general public isn’t quite as excited about the potential of open data as the government or other open data enthusiasts.  The study included a survey with questions about how people engage with their government online, their awareness and attitude toward open data, and their future expectations.  While 65% of Americans have used the internet to find government data, only 2% had used digital 311 to report a problem to their local government offices.  Nearly half of the respondents indicated that open data could improve efforts to make the government more accountable (53%), improve quality of service (49%), and lead to better decision-making (45%).  However, trust in the government isn’t what it used to be and the ‘Committed Cynics’ identified in the study have a lower level of trust in the government and in the ability for open data to deliver a positive impact.

Government offices may have a tough task ahead of them with earning back the trust of their constituents.  A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, can show the transparency, accountability, and openness that constituents need to improve that trust.  You can manage all of your core processes from an integrated ERP solution including finances, grant-management, payroll and benefits, and other core activities.  You can also capture and monitor citizen interactions across multiple communication channels.  A one-stop self-service portal can make it easier for citizens to communicate with your office or get the information they need.

A modern ERP solution can improve consistency and access to data, which can then improve responsiveness, constituent interactions, and citizen satisfaction.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using today’s modern solutions to improve transparency and accountability, and earn the trust of constituents.

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