Net Neutrality Is Here, For Now

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is heading full-steam ahead with net neutrality plans as a federal judge recently rejected efforts by cable and phone companies to put a halt to the program.  Consumers are not likely to experience any major changes in services now that unfair fast and slow lanes or blocking services are prohibited.  Businesses can also rest assured that online services won’t cost them an arm and a leg…for now anyway.

With the latest ruling, cable and phone companies can’t stop net neutrality and the FCC’s internet rules are poised to go into effect as planned.  As indicated in “Net neutrality is here.  What it means for you,” posted by David Goldman and Jose Pagliery on, it appears as though the FCC will be able to establish authority over the internet to protect net neutrality or the equal opportunity for internet speed and website access.  The FCC rules will prohibit blocking apps that are otherwise legal for your smartphone, tablet, or computer; and, there will be no fast or slow lanes.  Most users won’t see many changes in services, for example, video streaming won’t suddenly appear faster.  Net neutrality also prohibits carriers from blocking or slowing down apps and services, for example, AT&T won’t be able to block FaceTime or Google Hangouts and Comcast can’t slow down file-sharing like it did with BitTorrent some time ago.

The group of cable companies involved in the latest court ruling are likely to sue the government to overturn the FCC’s authority, so this version of net neutrality is not guaranteed.  These service providers are skeptical of FCC regulations and are concerned with price controls.  Additional regulations can be challenging and costly to manage without strong business management systems in place.

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