Municipalities Cutting Costs Removing Call Centers

Back in the 1980s, the 311 call system was launched as a way to curb the non-emergency use of 911.  While useful, the 311 call system wasn’t cheap to manage and many cities have shut down their call centers in recent years.  However, with a little evolution, the 311 call center can actually save money and improve the productivity for municipal employees.

Tulsa, Oklahoma will be launching a new 311 service soon, according to “311 Upgrades Make It Cheaper to Connect With Citizens,” posted by Tod Newcombe on  Although it may seem a bit behind the times, the 311 service is making a comeback, because of the cost-savings it is delivering.  Tulsa’s 311 service, the “Customer Care Center,” will let people request city services, ask questions, or file complaints on the phone, online chat, and on social media.  Citizens can also track the status of their requests online and via email.

Advances in call center technology, including integration with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, streamline this value-added customer service and can actually cut costs themselves.  Today’s innovative CRM solutions offer time-saving automations, such as scripts that can capture relevant data, as well as routing services that make sure the calls are sent to the right department for follow-up.  In addition, follow-up can be automated to ensure each case is handled through completion.  These automations can improve productivity and save money.  Philadelphia found that their 311 app reduced calls by 15% and costs by 50%.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM offers case management features that can streamline correspondence with citizens, saving time and money, as well as increasing transparency within the community.  With AKA’s Case Management Solutions, which include Correspondence Tracking, 311 Citizen Services, and Public Records Tracker, agencies can spend less time handling citizen requests and improve citizen satisfaction as their requests are handled with greater efficiency.

Before cutting the line to 311, reconsider the benefits it can offer.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how you can cut costs and improve community interactions with modern technology.

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