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In today’s world, placing an ad in a major publication or on prime-time television is not enough to reach the audiences you want. While people over 50 years old still use TV and print media as their main sources of information and entertainment, people under 25 and to a lesser extent, those between 25 and 40 years old get most of their information and entertainment in the digital space. The graphic below shows the shift of TV viewers in the last two years by age bracket:

TV post

What does this mean? Brands, in order to reach either a specific age group or all of them, need to start diversifying their advertising across multiple platforms. As different media outlets cater to different groups, it is critical that they have global positioning of their products and services, so print, online and linear advertising should all be used for a single campaign. That is the only way to guarantee that the message will reach all audiences, if that is what is intended with the campaign.

There are technological challenges that media companies face in this new environment. The systems supporting the advertising process for each of these media properties are dramatically different. Elements like the rate cards applied to each service, the production data, the delivery systems, even different delivery calendars are in place. Publishers now have to implement different processes for their advertising sales, their traffic and inventory management, their order management and their billing/revenue procedures. This results in additional costs, a complicated business process and a lot of time trying to reconcile and manage it all so all this mess is as transparent as possible for the clients. As much as publishers try, clients are likely to get several invoices, delivery reports and will deal with reconciliations from different platforms and possibly different agencies

What can be done? Integrations are the answer! Systems and applications that can take all the information from these disparate platforms and put it together for order management, billing, reporting and reconciliation. As the big players of each media platform struggle to adapt their systems to the digital world, other organizations who understand the industry are needed to define new business processes around the cross-platform environment.

by Adolfo Ramirez

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Contributor: Adolfo Ramirez

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