Mobile Service Provider Offering Smartphone Users a Deal Hard to Refuse

Ask any smartphone user and they’ll tell you how their monthly contract for mobile service can be painfully expensive. To help customers save some money, Tesco is offering users a small discount on their monthly bill in exchange for putting up with a few ads on the lock screen. Whether customers take advantage of this unusual offer remains to be seen, but it could set a new precedence for major brands and their advertisers.

According to “Tesco Mobile will cut your bill if you agree to view ads,” posted by Nick Summers on, Tesco is offering customers the opportunity to download Unlockd and enable an ad to be shown ‘every few times’ upon unlocking a smartphone. Unlockd has already established a partnership in the US with Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint, and a partnership with a network in Australia. Users essentially allow brands including British Airways, McDonalds and Doritos to show ads, offers and other paid-for content. Users can then dismiss an ad by tapping a cross mark, swipe to get more information about an offer, or tap a heart icon to save content for later. As brands and advertisers struggle in this ad-blocking era, this opportunity to get on people’s phones is certainly intriguing.

Monitor and Improve Advertising Campaigns with CRM

This is a rare opportunity to get around ad-blockers to reach and engage prospects or remain in front of existing customers. Brands and advertisers that might consider placing ads on this game-changing mobile platform will need to step up their content and monitor performance indicators for a return on investment (ROI). A powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can support efforts to profile audiences with greater efficiency and develop the content that best engages the audience. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to manage specific campaigns, such as those specifically targeted for mobile devices, and multi-channel campaigns. Business intelligence features can highlight data needed to improve audience profiling, refine content and boost upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Tesco is offering their smartphone users, and advertisers, a deal that will be difficult to refuse. Brands or advertisers that take advantage of this unusual opportunity should monitor and measure their efforts to ensure they provide an acceptable ROI. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track branding and advertising on smartphones or other digital and traditional channels.

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