Mobile Ad Blocking Doesn’t Signify The Death To Mobile Ads

In light of the recent chatter about mobile ad blocking, particularly the ad blocking on Apple devices, it’s important to note that mobile ad campaigns aren’t going away anytime soon.  Ad blocking isn’t a new phenomenon and shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your mobile ads.  On the contrary, the threats of ad blocking should inspire you to up your online game.

Despite the headline hype, the war on mobile ads doesn’t mean mobile ads are over according to “How to Survive in the War on Mobile Ad Blocking,” posted by Brian Wong on  You may recall the chaos that erupted when TiVo hit the marketplace, allowing viewers to fast-forward through commercials.  AdBlock offered web surfers the ability to erase ads from desktop web pages and today many gamers can purchase premium apps to avoid ads between game levels.  Although Apple’s ad blocking mobile services caused advertisers everywhere to stop in their tracks, it may not be as dire as suggested.  Instead, rethink the ads you put in front of your customers and other viewers.  Create ads that offer value, creativity, and relevance, and your audience may avoid  blocking them at all.  Here are a few tips for creating better ads:

  1. Deploy better technology: A customer relationship management (CRM) solution can capture customer-centric data.  Learning about customer needs and wants can lead to more relevant ads and marketing campaigns.
  2. Consider the customer: You want to attract customers, not frustrate them.  Use CRM to capture customer interactions.  Strengthen customer loyalty by offering easy opt-outs, and easy opt-ins, then respect their wishes.
  3. Remember the basics: Make sure your ads are interesting and provide value or otherwise improve the user experience.  Content and its respective load time are important variables to consider.

An integrated CRM solution can provide insight on the success of your mobile ads as well as other digital or traditional marketing and advertising efforts.  You can use CRM to identify the efforts that win sales, improve branding, and create long-term loyalty.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using CRM to keep mobile and other advertising efforts alive and kicking.

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