Media Technology Trends: How To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

Technology is a moving target in most industries–and the media industry is no exception. The right media technology for understanding your markets is key to staying agile so you can stay relevant, as consumer demands are also constantly changing.

Consumers are receiving more messages and ads, through more channels, than ever before​. Mobile advertising is on the rise,  millennials are consuming more content through YouTube, Spotify, and the like, and cable TV subscriptions are down.

And, of course, COVID-19 is pushing the boundaries of where consumers are getting their content: Digital and social media are taking over, while traditional ​platforms like print and events are being shut down, if temporarily. 

Finding the Answers with Media Technology from Microsoft

This rapidly changing landscape makes it difficult to figure out–let alone predict–how customers behave, what they want, and how and when they want it. With media technology like Microsoft Customer Insights, media companies can turn challenges into opportunities by gaining the ability to:

  • Predict audience interests and behavior
  • Offer insights into customers and prospects
  • Gain insight into customer and site visitor behavior and preferences
  • Gather more accurate data about clients
  • Get faster access to information about client behavior and use of their site/platforms
  • Perform data segmentation based on source (behavioral, subscription, social media)
  • Proactively adapt to changing consumer patterns from unforeseen events such as the COVID-19 pandemic

Watch an Informative Webcast on Trends and Media Technology

In an informative webcast, AKA’s Media experts will discuss the major trends impacting the advertising landscape:

  • Digitization of media and channels
  • Proliferation of social media networks at scale
  • Ability for consumers to access content and advertising anytime, anywhere
  • Impact of changes in societal patterns, like those caused by the COVID-19 crisis

On-Demand Webcast: Media Tech Trends – How Microsoft Customer Insights Can Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

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