Making the Most of Your Government’s Budget: 6 Ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Help

Government CRM OnlineThe public sector is not known for having endless financial resources. Period. Quite the opposite is true, as budgets are frequently tight, and worker bees are used to working diligently to stretch their every penny. Added to that financial pressure is the constant scrutiny placed upon public agencies by a multitude of watch groups making transparency critical when it comes to displaying accountability along with fiscal responsibility. Local, state or federal governments’ financial management can be extremely complicated.

Typical accounting systems aren’t flexible enough to meet the complex expectations placed upon the public sector, which is ultimately the reason that more government agencies are seeking the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their goal to strengthen their financial management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is an integrated ERP and financial management system that completely supports the complex accounting procedures that are unique to governments. It offers an entire suite of functionality that allows you to choose only the applications you require to run your operations.

See Dynamics 365 for Operations at Work for Governments

In our on-demand webcast, “How to Do More with Less: Efficiently Manage Your Government’s Finances with Microsoft Dynamics 365,” we show you just how Dynamics 365 can help your government. Our webinar touches on key, powerful features that include:

  1. Budget planning: With state and local governments, we aid you in following a complete budget, from the planning process through initial request, into a preliminary budget, and then into a final, adopted budget. From the final budget, financial managers are able to keep constant tabs on expenses in order to avert an overspending crisis.
  2. Financial management: Day to day financial processes that include cash in/out for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes, management for cash and banking needs, and automated reconciliations. Dynamics 365 enable you to complete these common processes, while saving you valuable time and preserving the integrity of the financial information.
  3. Procurement and sourcing: Secure control and gain insight over contract requisition, processing of purchase orders, and encumbrance processing. In getting closer to the process, you are better able to evaluate vendors and monitor your purchases while providing leverage in contract negotiations. Uncover the various ways in which you can save money on regularly purchased items and services.
  4. Project accounting and grants management: Programs and services are often tied to grant funding, which correlates with added regulatory oversight and reporting requirements. Ensure grants are managed in complete accordance with limitations, and that both programs and services are delivered successfully, thereby improving your opportunities with regard to future grant funding.
  5. Inventory tracking and asset management: These time-consuming processes that are, all too often, put on the back burner are handled in an efficient, streamlined way to better control inventory processes and keep accurate track of your assets.
  6. Human resources management: HR, a new application function for Dynamics 365, has recently been announced and will offer additional support in the integration and connection of HR data and associated tasks. Stay tuned for more exciting information.

Our webcast will show you even more innovative features offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, including:

  • Determining when a budget has been exceeded, along with how to drill down in the data to see at what point the budget went awry.
  • Viewing data in a variety of graphical formats where you can change, export and share information with coworkers through Power Bi.
  • Performing financial operations that allow your team to work smarter instead of harder.

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Interested in learning more? Watch “How to Do More with Less: Efficiently Manage Your Government’s Finances with Microsoft Dynamics 365” to see how we can help you maximize those budget dollars.

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