Los Angeles Shows How Open Data Can Make A Difference

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles had a goal to improve the planning and coordination of street projects.  Apparently, paving a street, then digging it up for repairs isn’t a productive way to plan construction products or otherwise improve city services.  Sharing these plans with the public using Street Wize is another way to improve citizen services while also showing transparency and accountability.  Also notable, this type of project is ‘doable’ even for a city as large as LA.

Street Wize is a prime example of how collaboration, transparency, and open data can improve city services, especially in a city the size of LA.  As described in “Los Angeles Unveils Open Data Library to Serve as Model for Other Municipalities,” posted by Daniel Vock on GovTech.com, Street Wize uses data from the city’s GeoHub site, which contains over 500 forms of geographical data including information about historic earthquakes, zoning, medical clinics, oil wells, and more.  City employees can use Street Wize to plan paving activities around other maintenance activities such as replacing utilities.  The residents can also go online to see when their roads may be under construction and for how long.

LA’s Vision Zero campaign is focused on eliminating pedestrian deaths and Street Wize illustrates where the most serious or fatal collisions occur.  This insight can lead to safety improvements in those areas that reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities.  The fire department is also using Street Wize to expedite emergency response times.  By opening up these channels and sharing the various types of data that is already being collected for one reason or another, other city departments can find new ways to improve services and protect citizens.

Public offices at any level can leverage data to their advantage in similar ways; however, only when that data is easily accessible.  An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and customer relationship management (CRM) solution can put the very data you need at your fingertips.  In addition, data is easily shareable and, with self-service portals, you can share certain information, forms, and data with citizens.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about opening up your data and putting it to good use with the support of modern ERP and CRM solutions.

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