Local Broadcasters May Be Missing Out On Mobile Users

Many consumers get news and other information from their mobile or digital devices.  Local broadcasters that can focus their attention on these mobile viewers can tap into this group and improve their local online content.

As discussed in “Local TV Benefits From Targeting Mobile Users,” Nielsen indicates that more than 27 million consumers get local news and information from their digital devices.  Nearly 11% of all adults 18 and older are included in this category, which offers an opportunity for local broadcasters to leverage their content online.  In addition, approximately 64% of these consumers are ‘more likely’ to visit a local broadcast TV website in the past week.  These ‘local digerati’ as Nielsen calls them, are often employed, educated, and have higher incomes.  All of this information can be helpful when preparing content for consumers or tailoring marketing efforts.

Nielsen and other ratings data can be useful in determining how to best interact with your consumers, both with creating relevant content and choosing which marketing channels to use.  No matter how you decide to reach your customers, online and otherwise, be sure to monitor and measure your efforts with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  You can manage all of your customer information and marketing data within an integrated CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.  With all of your key data within a centralized solution, you can have a 360 degree view of your customers, which can provide additional insight on how to best reach them.

Broadcasters, publishers, and other businesses can use existing customer data within their CRM solution to profile and target their prospects and customers with greater accuracy.  As you get to know customers better, for example, you can develop targeted advertising campaigns that can support cross-channel advertising and lead to stronger branding and sales.  By stretching your message across different channels, including mobile devices, you can optimize up-sales and cross-sales and develop stronger relationships with customers.

Engage your customers where there are located, whether they are online, on digital devices, or prefer more traditional media.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about using CRM to get to know prospects and customers better so that you aren’t missing out on mobile users or other important groups.

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