LinkedIn Sales Navigator: 3 Reasons Why It’s a Great Sales Tool

When I mention LinkedIn Sales Navigator to clients or prospects, some responses I get are that they are unfamiliar with the tool or that this is the first time they are hearing about it. If this is your case, YES – LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool separate from that offers key features that make this application a virtual panacea for sales teams. This blog discusses 3 reasons why.

This tool is ideal not only for business development teams looking to prospect leads, but it is also great for sales people who have a list of existing customers. They can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to strengthen their relationships with these customers by following their interests, trends, and milestones.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a modern social selling tool that gives users a deeper insight into their connections with advanced searching capabilities and tracking features. As a user, you are able to save contacts or accounts and add them to lists that you can share with other team members. 

What Makes LinkedIn Sales Navigator Different…and Better?

Sales Navigator has an interface separate from with a custom homepage tailored to your specific data set. There you will find all of your saved, prospective Leads and Accounts combined with your list of existing customers as an organized selling toolkit. In addition, there are suggested actionable items and alerts as well as recommended Leads for you to follow.

1. Features that enhance the selling process

Sales Preferences – Inside of your Sales Navigator profile, you can save Sales Preferences – a combination of key attributes you’d like to tailor your selling efforts to (Geography, Industry, Organization Size, Job Titles, Seniority, etc.).

Custom Searches – In Sales Navigator, you can create Custom Searches and save them to allow for a dynamic return of data when Leads or Accounts change based on the criteria you’ve set.

Saved Lists – As a result of your search criteria, you can save each search as a list that can be re-run to return dynamic results. In addition, you can share these Saved Lists with other team members.

Sales Navigator Coach – A new addition to the homepage is the Sales Navigator Coach add-in that denotes your level of proficiency using Sales Navigator – Beginner, Intermediate, Proficient, Advanced, or Expert. There are key factors that place you in your respective level and recommendations provided for how to improve your designation. There is also a Coach Dashboard to show you all proposed actions from a coaching perspective that you can act upon, as well as their statuses.

Social Selling Index (SSI) – Sales Navigator has a scoring tool used to measure social selling, called the Social Selling Index (SSI). Out of a possible score of 100, a score is calculated daily for each sales member as well as at the organization-level, based on a formula of categories: professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building strong relationships.

With these metrics, Sales Navigator users can look into what areas are their strengths and where some improvements can be made to get the most benefit from the tool.

 2. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CE/CRM)

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) Senior Consultant, I especially like the fact that LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates directly with Dynamics to provide a data matching capability that connects Contact or Account records in the system. While in Dynamics, you can see your connected Sales Navigator data embedded right into the form.

This integration allows data from each system to remain in sync and up to date. Once your data is aligned, you can see Sales Navigator insights on your connected Contacts and Accounts, plus all of CRM’s stored data, all on one screen.

This added layer of insight allows for deeper connections and the ability to leverage interests, events, and notifications. The set-up process for enabling the integration is very simple and once completed, continues the syncing of data with little to no maintenance.

3. Driving Adoption and Customer Success

As a consultant working on behalf of a client of AKA Enterprise Solutions, I’ve had personal experience working alongside the customer success and implementation teams at LinkedIn. During our engagement, the Sales Navigator team went above and beyond to put a plan in place and provide support for our success.

In addition to developing a project plan to properly implement, on-board, and support the rollout of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the team offered one-on-one, end-user training to any and all users interested. They hosted several check-in calls with the project team to ensure we were on track with our rollout and hitting milestones.

Upon completion of our rollout, the team provided end-user surveys and training packets full of documentation and quick tips to encourage use/user buy-in and support users during onboarding. As a follow-up, the LinkedIn team conducted a full review of metrics, including usage, social selling indexes, and even closed deals to demonstrate the benefits of implementing the Sales Navigator tool.

Interested in learning more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator or how you can optimize your Dynamics 365 CRM system to accelerate sales? Contact the CRM experts at AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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Contributor: Alexis Bertrand

Alexis Bertrand is a CRM Consultant at AKA Enterprise Solutions. With profound knowledge of the technical details, she is able to assist developers by translating business requirements into solutions.

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