Life Science and Healthcare Businesses Seeking Big Data Analytics Aps- Gain Control and Insight over Data with ERP for Life Sciences

A recent study by OpsClarity suggests life science and healthcare businesses are planning to deploy big data analytics applications with the goal of harnessing real-time data. Quick access to reliable data, and the insights derived from analytics transactions, can improve customer services, detect fraud, and support real-time decision-making.

As discussed in “Healthcare Looks to Real-Time Big Data Analytics for Insights,” posted by Jennifer Bresnick on, life sciences and healthcare businesses are amongst approximately 92% of cross-industry organizations attempting to use real-time data analysis to gain a competitive advantage. Fast data and streaming technology can provide decision makers with prompt, reliable data, to improve customer-facing or internal operations. The key word here is ‘fast.’ Traditional batch processing of data may only occur as often as once per day or even less frequently. Real-time data supports faster decisions, such as offering customers an instant and personalized offer after an interaction, instead of sending an email or offline offer several days or weeks later.

Speedy analytics could lead to improved patient safety, reduced readmissions, organizational efficiencies, and other promising business benefits for healthcare businesses. Many of the survey respondents indicated they were investigating cloud technology to host agile data pipelines, while 32% would keep their existing on-premises infrastructure, and 28% would take a hybrid approach. Participants also expressed concerns with achieving the end-to-end visibility they need, without also achieving full, seamless coordination across development segments.

Gain Control and Insight over Data with ERP for Life Sciences

An integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution connects business operations and data, and makes it easier for decision-makers to access real-time data quickly. By centralizing data within a single, more powerful solution; you and your team can enter, access, and use data faster. Modern ERP offers customizable dashboards and built-in business intelligence (BI) features which highlight the data needed to make prompt decisions. Automatic alerts and communications can be setup so, for example, when a patient comes in for an exam or blood work, it would notify key managers and send appropriate follow-up instructions or documents to the patient.

Life sciences and healthcare organizations see the value in prompt, real-time data and are evaluating new technologies to strengthen data management. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for information about using modern ERP to gain greater insight and control over your data.

By AKA Enterprise Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Partner for Life Sciences

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