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The online world, particularly social media, can be a great benefit to businesses or a great disaster.  In recent weeks, Comcast was lambasted in the media for a leaked phone call between a customer service representative and an unsatisfied customer.  Working with customers isn’t always easy; however, there are ways to steer customer service in the right direction.

We often see cases of customer service gone wrong, as in the case of the Comcast conversation.  A customer attempting to cancel Comcast services was trapped for nearly 20 minutes by a customer service representative who refused to listen all while insisting that there was no other provider as fast or as good as Comcast and tried to force the customer to keep their services.  While the Comcast agent may have been doing his best to retain a valued customer, what he really did was aggravate the customer, only confirming their resolution to leave Comcast as well as risk Comcast’s reputation.  As discussed in “Customer-Service Lessons to Glean From Comcast’s Snafu,” posted by Tomas Gorny on, there is something to be learned from this unfortunate and rather public experience.

  1. Speed up the process:  Customers don’t want to navigate confusing automated tellers to get to the right department, wait for longer than a few rings, and definitely do not want to be put on hold for any length of time.  Don’t reinforce the customer’s desire to leave your business because of a lack of personalized customer service, respond promptly to each call.
  2. Provide training and access to key data:  Train customer service employees to respond appropriately to each customer and how to respond in specific situations.  Customer service teams can answer specific inquiries, such as questions about customer accounts or contracts, order history, delivery status, or other issues when they are connected to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.
  3. Talk to customers:  Capture customer interactions with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  You can connect many CRM solutions to social media, send out surveys, and use feedback to continuously improve your services.

As in the case of the Comcast conversation, it can be painfully clear when customer service goes wrong.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about improving customer service by implementing strong business solutions.

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