Interactive Audio Advertising Is Making Waves And It’s Waiting For You To Talk Back

Audio advertising isn’t new; what’s new is that consumers can respond.  XAPPmedia released an interactive audio ad which talks to listeners and waits for the listener’s verbal response.  Initial testing shows promise for this new advertising channel, though it’s difficult to determine whether this novelty will resonate with advertisers.

National Public Radio’s One app is one of the first mediums to use a new form of audio advertising.  As described in “If You’d Like To Interact With The Future Of Audio Ads, Please Say ‘Proceed’,” posted by Tyler Hayes on, NPR released an audio add by XAPPmedia that interacts with the listener.  After the ad offers product information, the listener is prompted to act on that ad.  For example, the ad may ask the listener to download an app or to call the company highlighted in the ad.  The listener can respond with simple commands, without the need to look or touch their device.

These new interactive audio ads create a voice click, similar to how a user would mouse click or tap a banner ad.  NPR One has shown interesting results with an interactive audio ad for Carbonite.  The audio ad generated 200 phone calls while the ad resulted in only 23 phone calls.  These results are compelling; however, before jumping head first into audio advertising, businesses might consider whether this or other common methods of marketing and advertising would work for their customers or their products.

To determine the best bang for your advertising dollars, you may want to consider a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  You can use CRM to monitor all of your marketing efforts and identify the best ways to reach prospects and engage with customers.  CRM can provide valuable insight that you can use to find the best return on investment for all of your marketing efforts.

Interactive audio advertising is an interesting option to consider.  However, to make sure you are getting the results you want, you need to track your activities in CRM.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn how to use CRM to create, release, and monitor marketing and advertising campaigns that get results.

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