How Wealth Management Solutions Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Empower Advisors to Improve the Client Experience

A common challenge for financial advisors is having access to complete, real-time information about their clients and potential opportunities. Without visibility into key data, it’s difficult to provide clients with timely, personalized support. AKA’s Financial Services Solutions were designed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to break down data silos and arm advisors with tools that make it easier to improve the client experience.

Clients place a great deal of trust in their financial advisors. From planning college funds or retirement to investing, putting your hard-earned money in someone else’s hands is a leap of faith. In return, advisors must show clients they have their interests first, understand their goals and preferences, and are ready to follow through on those plans.

That all leads to a great deal of client data to manage. Using paper-based systems, spreadsheets, and specialty software only gives you a fragmented view of your client. This presents a problem that can erode trust and lose business. If you can’t access client data quickly or fully understand their journey, you can’t be responsive. As a result, clients will wonder whether their advisors have the ability to confidently manage their accounts and investments.

Drive Operational Efficiencies and Deliver Personal, Intuitive Client Experiences

As noted in “Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences with Microsoft Dynamics,” firms are turning to modern, integrated wealth management solutions such as those built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) to drive efficiencies and use data to deliver more personal, intuitive client experiences. Customized for the unique needs of investment and wealth management firms, AKA’s solutions for Financial Services also offer many benefits, such as:

  • Scalability to support your business through change and growth
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 to streamline document creation and control
  • Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language features which are often needed as you expand into new regions or work globally
  • Role-based security and customizable user interfaces to improve adoption
  • Advanced allocation, treasury management and compliance features, such as FAS 52 compliance
  • Centralized location for all business and client data, making it easy to share and use

Financial Services Solutions: Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

As highlighted in the following video, the advisor dashboard provides a thorough view of advisor activities, goals, open opportunities, and suggested phone calls, as well as open accounts. This level of organization streamlines the decision-making process, highlighting where advisors should focus their priorities for that day or time.

Advisors can also quickly retrieve client-specific information. The example highlighted shows a client with three open accounts and the potential to add more. Advisors are able to view open accounts, opportunities, issues, transferring accounts and recent activities. With a 360-degree view of client accounts and account plans, advisors can easily access client goals, strategies, and risk tolerance. Quickly accessing this key data, they are now empowered to create and strengthen meaningful relationships with clients.

Access Data for Prompt, Accurate Client Service

In order to provide superior client services and build trust, wealth advisors need prompt access to reliable information. You can’t get this from spreadsheets or specialty software. Download the white paper and watch the video above to see how today’s technology offers the very tools wealth advisors need to succeed. Then, contact our financial services experts to discuss your needs and goals.

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