Highlights from Microsoft Data Insights Summit 2017: Power BI Premium Unveiled

by Mike Hammons, Director, Business Intelligence Practice

The 2017 Microsoft Data Insights Summit, held in sunny Seattle, Washington, was yet another informative and exciting event focusing on Power BI and more. As an aside, if you have not been, we highly recommend adding it to your calendar for next year. Lots of great learning and networking opportunities.

Announcing Power BI Premium: Choose in the Cloud or on-premises

One of the big announcements is the general availability of Power BI Premium. This is a new Power BI option geared towards larger corporate users or companies with more than 40 users who need access to Power BI. Therefore, depending on your organization, Power BI Premium could be a more cost effective option. Power BI Premium offers dedicated, “premium” capacity in the cloud. In simple terms, it provides dedicated virtual servers to run your Power BI reports and dashboards. In addition, it includes the right to run Power BI Report Server on-premises.

Yes, that’s right, you can now install and configure your very own Power BI service, on-premises, on your own servers. For those of you who have been reluctant to have your dashboards and reporting in the cloud, this is a great new option!

A few adoption and usage metrics were shared, including: 11.5 million data models hosted on PowerBI.com service with 30,000 added daily. 450+ User Voice ideas shipped. 10 million monthly publish to web views. More than 2 million report and dashboard queries per hour. I call that Impressive!

Impressive features and updates coming soon

Other cool features and updates that will be available over the next 3 months were showcased, including a new timeline custom visual, quick insights, bookmarks, drill down, what-if analysis, and Visio integration. The table below provides details on what’s new and coming in the next 3 months:

Here are a few screenshots of the what was shared at the event:

Quick Insights Improvements

Vision Integration

Timeline Visual

If you missed any of the Microsoft Data Insights Summit featured presentations, mosey on over to the Power BI YouTube channel to watch them on-demand!

The highlights:

  • The latest version of Power BI Desktop adds data bars for table and matrix visuals, as well as many other improvements. More to come in the next couple of releases.
  • A new “drill to” feature provides navigation/actions from one page of a report to another, including transferring the filter defined by the selected object.
  • A new bookmark feature provides shortcuts to reports, including filters and highlight over visuals, which can also be hidden.
  • A DAX parameter will make it possible to enable What-If analysis. This has been in apps like Qlik and will add greater capabilities for understanding how different decisions will influence your business.
  • Browsing and importing custom visuals from the gallery will be available in Power BI Desktop by accessing Microsoft AppSource App MarketPlace.
  • Increased use of artificial intelligence in Power BI will introduce an “explain the increase” feature, which will automatically try to “explain” the reason for a particular change in values. This is similar to Quick Insights but seems to do a better job of helping you understand your data.
  • Visio integration will allow embedding diagrams in a custom visual, which will also include tools to map data over graphical elements. For example, you can click on object in Visio and the charts in PBI will drill, and vice-versa.
  • PowerApp integration will allow embedding into a Power BI report. This can enable write-back scenarios!

You can find much of the materials and a recorded session on the Data Insights Summit website.

Want to learn more? Watch our webcast, where we do a deeper dive on some of the more interesting and useful capabilities.



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