Healthcare Is Going Home

An increase in wearable devices may have led to a new interest in other home health technologies.  People are accepting a greater role in their personal health and home-based technology can further strengthen the bridge between doctors and their patients, which can keep the population healthier and out of the hospital.

According to a study by Tractica discussed in “Report: Market for home health technologies will triple by 2020,” posted by Neil Versel on, connected medical and wellness devices are projected to increase significantly, and this does not include fitness-based products.  The focus on these home health technologies is for the potential they can have for keeping people healthier and at lower costs.  Managing chronic disease, following ongoing treatments, caring for elders, and routine health maintenance are four use cases included in the Tractica study.  These devices could be integrated with other health management tools or connected to electronic health records, and provide both the users and doctors with valuable information that can prevent re-admissions or otherwise keep patients out of the hospital.

Medical device manufacturers could be facing increased competition to get products to the marketplace faster in order to stay ahead of the competition.  Combined with increased regulatory oversight and changing healthcare requirements, this could present a challenge to manufacturers working with outdated or inadequate business technology.  A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can provide the solid foundation needed to develop, manufacture, and release innovative home health devices with efficiency.

The right ERP solution offers a centralized location for all of your business, product, and customer data.  You can get closer to financial data, control inventory and supply chain activities, trace product lifecycle from the design phase to post-sale, and capture the data often needed by regulatory agencies.  With all of your data within reach, you can use it to create the high quality products your customers want with greater productivity and profitability.  You can save time and money, while also expediting time-to-market, by focusing on your business operations and products instead of data management and paperwork.

Take your healthcare devices home by replacing outdated solutions with more modern business technology.  Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions for more information about the ERP solution that can streamline operations so you can focus on getting products in the hands of the people that need them.

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